Top 13 Survival Uses For Fired Ammo

As a survivalist and hunter, I go through a good amount of ammunition. This includes both bullets and shotgun shells. Whether I am out tracking down game or enjoying target practice after a stressful day, there are shell casings left over. With such an abundant resource, I would not be a good prepper and survivalist … Read more

7 Types Of Campfires And How To Use Them

Check out our list of seven essential types of campfires and find out how and when to use them. 1. Tensile strength This type of design is ideal for windy days. First, find a medium-sized log and place it where you want to start a fire. The hull must be horizontal and oriented towards the … Read more

Are You Prepared to Deal with a Fire at Home?

Each year in the United States, more than 2,500 people are killed and about 12,000 are injured in fires in their homes. Direct property damage caused by house fires is estimated at more than $7.3 billion annually. Like any other man-made disaster, house fires are preventable. To protect yourself and your family, you need to … Read more

It’s Been a Gas: 10 Best Gas Masks 2021 Has to Offer

In the midst of the COWID pandemic, the market changed and gas mask sales increased dramatically. Preparers are no longer the only ones buying helmets. So if you are one of the potential gas mask owners, this list is for you. Any serious gas mask should have a gas mask or air filter system. We … Read more

Glock Model 44 Pistol in .22 LR, by Pat Cascio

Look, I don’t care how many rifles you have, if you don’t have at least one firearm chamber in a 22 long (LR) rifle, you don’t have a survivable battery! When I worked for the late Colonel Rex Applegate, he had over 850 firearms in his collection. A number of them are rounded to 22 … Read more

Different techniques to build a fire

You can make a fire with batteries, magnifying glasses, natural materials like flint, sticks and chemicals. Of course, the easiest way to start a fire is to use tools such as matches or a lighter. But there are other techniques. Look at this: 1. Fire extinguisher The fire piston consists of two parts. The first … Read more

How To Build a WTSHTF Gas Station, by Samantha B. . You can purchase metal gas caddies online that have a pump and nozzle.

Gas is often not stored safely. Spraying a gallon of gas has catastrophic consequences if it ignites or explodes. The gas is often stored in 5-gallon drums. Cans are stored in barns, outbuildings and garages with valuable appliances or household items. Some people even store gas in the basement of their homes in unsealed jars. … Read more

Inland Northwest Wind Storm. Some stretches of road looked normal, while others looked devastated.

In order to prepare for a crisis, every crisis preparer must set goals and create short- and long-term plans. In this section, SurvivalBlog editors analyze their preparation activities for this week and their planned preparation activities for next week. They range from purchasing medical supplies and equipment to gardening, improving ranches, developing survival bags and … Read more

Things You Can Cook Over a Fire

Editor’s comment : Guest post by Scott Huntington on . Before we had stoves, hot plates and microwaves, there was only one way to cook: over the fireplace. You have to admire the firepower. How many other ancient methods are still relevant thousands of years after their invention? Cooking over an open fire is not … Read more

What is Your Self Quarantine Plan?

Last update 4. November 2020 Do you already have a self-quarantine plan if you know what the possibilities are for this kind of disruption? In recent weeks, the news has focused almost exclusively on Ebola, with the media publishing details every minute. A 24-hour news cycle was created especially for events like this, with experts … Read more