Survival tips are something that we should all have in our arsenal, so when disaster strikes, you won’t need to waste precious time searching the Internet for tips. Some survival tips actually apply in a zombie epidemic, so they are worth your time reading even if you’re well ahead of time. It’s really not necessary to run out and buy survival supplies in advance, but if you do have some, make sure you have them.

First, stay healthy by eating healthy foods. While it’s true that there might be cases where food could be more valuable than supplies, in general, you’ll find that the supplies are usually more useful in terms of weight loss and energy restoration. So, if possible, eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible, and purchase some milk and other dairy products.

If there is a power outage or other emergency, drink plenty of water. Water is very important for your body, mind and soul. Although most people have access to fresh water, some are farther away from the nearest stream or from a natural source like a lake or a well. If your home has a stream close by, you can use it for drinking water. However, bear in mind that most people who live in remote areas without streams or natural sources of water may suffer thirst more easily.

If you can, try to make your own food. Although this won’t exactly be the most nutritious meals on the planet, if you’re living alone and in a Zombies-only world, it may be all you can hope for. Don’t rely on store-bought pre-prepared foods, as these tend to have a lot of preservatives and other things that are not good for you. Prepare meals yourself using your own spices and flavors, and you can be sure that these will be better for you.

If you know anyone who is an expert at making explosives, this is another way to kill as many Zombies as you want to. As the name suggests, using explosives will require some expertise in handling them and also in planning for when and where to set them off. Once you’ve got your Explosion Supplies, it is important to know how to handle and store them safely. You should keep them in a place where they will be out of reach of other people, like in a cupboard. Remember to assemble the fuse and safety pin, as well as a timer for maximum effect.

Other survival tips that even apply in a Zombie outbreak are simple ones like keeping safe and warm. This includes ensuring that you store extra blankets in case of an emergency. The simplest way to do this is by having two sets of blankets – one in your house that you can use if it starts to get cold, and one in the car that you can use if it gets rainy. Try not to bring along a lot of clothes, as you will probably end up getting caught up in the process of cleaning up. A couple of heavy blankets in addition to warm clothing are generally a good general supply to have.

If zombies are attracted to any type of food or drink, it is important to make sure that it is dead. Do not worry about trying to stay ahead of the zombies as they will easily catch on that you are bringing in food. Zombies will be attracted to human waste, which can be rotting food, so make sure that it is all dried before you start to bring it around.

There are many other simple survival tips that even apply in a Zombie outbreak, but these are just a few that you should know about. When it comes to Zombie survival, there is no way that you are going to get away from getting harmed at some point. However, if you take precautions, it might be easier for you to avoid being eaten. Even if you don’t die at a Zombie outbreak, you will still enjoy the time that you spend living one. Therefore, it is very important that you know what to do should the time come when you might have to deal with a Zombie.

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