Zombie Apocolyptic is a very interesting take on the survival theme. Basically, one player acts as the head of a group, which consists of other players who also act as Zombies. The object is to get out alive while fighting off waves of the undead. I won’t go into great detail, but basically you are required to fight off waves of zombies with a shotgun. There are four classes each with their own gun and skill tree.

I enjoyed the zombie physics as it made the game feel more realistic, although honestly I think most people would agree that it is just kind of ridiculous. You can also buy upgrades for your weapons, so you can level up faster. I did not have a lot of fun with this game, but others seemed to find it to be quite fun. The instructions that come with the game explain how to play well so I’m sure others will have no problem following them.

Zombie Apocolyptics features many versions of the typical zombies as well as creatures such as lions, bears and zebras. They have all been rendered in high definition, using photorealistic graphics. The overall look and style of the game are well done. There are over 60 levels to play on, each more gruesome than the last.

Some of the special weapons you can purchase include a flying helicopter, which you can fire at other zombies to drop their corpse to the ground, allowing you to pick them up and move them to safety. Another neat feature is the ability to freeze the zombies and have them slowly break free while you pursue them with a shotgun. The zombies you chase after will flee as you shoot them. You can also run up walls and over ledges to reach an elevated position, allowing you to shoot from a distance.

Another one is the Jeep which you can use to get up high into trees and get a good shot at zombies that are up above you. This is one fun mode that you can enjoy for a few minutes before going into another one of the other modes. The zombie horde mode is where you’ll really feel like the survivor as you have to fight off waves upon waves of zombies. This is where you’ll want to use your main weapons to take out zombies one by one.

Zombie Apocolyptic looks as though it was made for the iPhone in terms of its design. The graphics are just as you’d expect from a zombie game and the zombie costume that you choose comes with the game. The controls for this game are simple yet effective. If you need help with aiming or weapons you can find it on the in-game menu. Some of the levels can be played one on one but the majority of the levels are played co-op.

Zombie Apocolyptic is definitely one of the creepiest games on the iPhone. It takes you into the dark unknown with you guiding you through the woods. You see you have no weapons except for your flashlight and you must explore the environment while avoiding walking into the path of zombies. You will find yourself protecting yourself as you slowly make your way through the forests. Once you complete the level you move back to the starting point and the credits will begin to roll.

Zombie Apocolyptic is definitely a game that all iPhone users should experience. This zombie hunting game gives you the look and sound of a horror movie with the iPhone. This zombie game is well worth the price if you are even remotely interested in zombie hunting games or the iPhone in general. You won’t regret buying Zombie Apocolyptic and it will become one of your favorite games to play. As long as you don’t try and head into a real life zombie swamped forest you should have no problem playing this game.

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