What is the best wilderness survival kit? A two person backpack, with a lot of food and water? Or a two-person canoe and paddles for life? The average wilderness survival situation lasts 72 hours so obviously re-building your kit from scratch would be shorter. For a wilderness, rainforest, summer or winter camping survival kit look at the bottom of this page for some slight changes from the basic standard kit.

Most articles on wilderness survival kits are either composed by inexperienced people without much field practice in wilderness survival situations, or by very experienced people who like big bulky cumbersome and awkwardly cumbersome to carry – kind of like building an expensive sports car without any car seats. They don’t tell you that you can build your own complete pack with the items needed for a shorter wilderness survival situation by buying a couple of smaller more easily stored and stowed packs. You can buy a decent two-person wilderness survival kit on most major discount outdoors stores. But not one size fits all, and not every person needs every item in the list. There are a few “stand alone” packs available that provide most of what is needed in an emergency situation.

Here’s the deal. Don’t buy the biggest, most expensive wilderness survival kit list you find. Look for one that is made up of items that are needed in different scenarios. For example, don’t buy a big bulky pack for a river rafting trip if you plan on doing just a bit of walking in the woods. A good wilderness survival kit list will have some way of describing each item and what to do with them.

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If you’ve been out west and want to make a campfire, you should look for a good quality compass and sleeping bag. If you fish and hike in the wilderness, a good quality compass and hiking pole will be important to keep you safe while camping. A paranoid bracelet will also come in handy when you’re stuck with your feet trapped in the ground. This type of jewelry is also great for use in emergency rescue situations.

Other items on the list that may not be included in a kit include bandages, pain reliever, scissors, needle, tweezers, and a first aid kit. Bandages are essential in case you get sunburned. If you have a sunburn, apply a generous amount of bandages and cover it up with a first aid kit. If you have been hiking for a while, you probably already have some bandages in your backpack. Just throw those into your kit along with some duct tape, aspirin tablets, and antiseptic ointment. In addition, if you have a sunburn and no aspirin tablets, you can just apply some aloe gel or lotion directly to the burn.

Another essential item in your wilderness survival kit is a waterproof compass. You’ll need this on your trip so that you know where to go back to if you become lost in the woods. It’s really easy to lose your way in the wilderness. So, having a compass with you is critical.

Another item on your wilderness survival kit list is a personal kit for women. The purpose of a women’s self-defense protection plan is twofold; first, women should know how to defend themselves in the case of an attack; and second, women should always carry pepper spray, a personal alarm, or a baton. Both of these items are specifically designed for women, because their size and small stature make them prime targets for attackers. A woman can easily escape by hiding behind shrubs or trees if they’re attacked by a larger, stronger attacker. But if smaller, physically fit attacker attacks her, then a personal defense spray and/or personal alarm will allow her to fight off the attacker long enough for help to arrive.

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And last on this list is essential – a bandages kit! You’ll probably have to change bandages and disinfect them more often than you need to, but a bandage kit will keep bandages from getting soiled, and it keeps them fresh and easy to use after they’ve been used. Many people don’t have bandages at their home, so this is a very important part of your first aid kit. And the bandages should be changed out often to prevent contamination.

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