Are you looking for a college survival guide? Do you want to get through college, surviving and getting a degree is on your mind? I have some great news for you. There are some ways of making it through college and surviving without having to spend much money. This article will help you get a college degree with very little money out of your pocket.

This is a college survival guide for you! It has been compiled, analyzed, reviewed and re-organized to help you survive and succeed during your years in college. College can be hard on a person financially; it can pile up quite fast. You need to know how to survive and enjoy yourself during your years in college. Here’s what you need to know.

* Get the correct information. You need to get all the correct information in front of you, because it’s all important. One college survival guide states that one of the most important factors to surviving college is having a very good, reliable and correct dorm room. Some dorms even have rules about noise levels, where you can study and so on.

* Get help with your problems. Most college survival guides state that if you have a problem, you should let someone who is more experienced know about it. A professional can help you sort out your problem and probably get it solved quickly. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, you need to take care of this as soon as possible.

* Keep safe. The college survival guide stresses that you should do all you can to keep safe while you are in college. First, you should always stay away from parties where alcohol is served. If you go to parties, you should at least have a designated driver who can pick you up after a party and drive you home afterward. It is also important that you keep your friends and family informed of your situation and what exactly you are doing.

* Get help for personal hygiene. In addition to wearing regular clothes, you should also take care of your personal hygiene. If you are living in a dorm, you should wash your face twice a day using water from your sink, rather than just using your toilet or showers. It may be easier to keep your skin fresh and clean when you don’t have to deal with so much dirt, dust, pollution and bacteria from other people.

* Sleep well. When you are sleeping, you will be able to think better. College is a stressful time, and you definitely will not be able to keep your mind straight most of the time. Make sure that you do plenty of research and get plenty of rest before you go to bed. If you need to, find someone to talk to and maybe read ahead before going to sleep.

* Have a guidebook of some kind. This is your best chance at getting through college alive. You need to learn what to do in case you get separated from your friends or family. Make sure that you also have some idea of what to do if you get locked in a building by armed students. This is a college survival guide that you need!

* Carry something for emergencies. The last thing you want to be doing is coming up with creative ways to get yourself out of a class or a building. Make sure you carry a cell phone with you as well as a flashlight, flares or anything else that could be useful in an emergency. This guide might come in handy if you need to call attention to something that is blocking your path.

* Keep your medications with you. Many colleges have strict rules about where you can take your medications and how you can take them. If you plan on going somewhere where you might get lost, it’s probably a good idea to bring along some medication with you. Don’t forget your prescriptions as well. Some students have found that staying in regular food sites helped them survive periods when they had little food available. A college survival guide can help you decide on the best way to keep your nutrition on track while you are away from home.

Going away to college is hard enough without having to also worry about what you’ll find when you get back. It’s better to be prepared so that you can at least make sure you stay alive. A college survival guide can help make that happen. It can also help you make up for any other mishaps you may encounter along the way.

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