Your City Kitty Survival Guide: 16 Expert Cat Care Tips and Tricks – Modern Cat Care are written for the busy pet owner. You will find information on what foods to feed your cat, which treats are best, the right way to bathe your cat, the proper way to use flea medicine and what to do if a cat has fleas. Some of the tips are more practical than others. The book has pictures to make it easy to follow. You will need to know how many cups of water your cat needs each day, so you will need to measure out the dry ingredients in the recipe. If you don’t measure out the dry ingredients correctly, you may find that your cat drinks more water than usual or needs a lot of dry food.

My favorite dish for my cat is rice and peas. I have found that she really likes this dish, though she does drink water from time to time. I also mix the dish with some sweet rice to increase her sweetness. If you don’t want to use sweet rice, go with a different grain such as wheat or oats. In fact, the dry ingredients in the book will vary from one recipe to another.

If you want to help keep your cat healthy, then you should know about fleas. Cats will get ticks and fleas at least once a year. There is no way to completely get rid of fleas. However, taking the proper precautions can lessen the chances of fleas and ticks to ever infest your cat.

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Another handy kitty survival tip is to keep your cat off the counter tops. Your cat will hate going on the counter because they can climb up on the bars. Cats also love to jump up on the furniture. The last thing you want is for your cat to be trying to jump on the phone or radio but realize she cannot jump. Get your cat to the vet right away if she starts to jump all over things. The vet can give you some great flea control products.

Your city kitty survival kit should include flea medicine, catheters, sores, heat pads, food supplements, bandages, scissors and razors. Your vet will show you how to use these products at home. You can also buy some great flea combs that will keep your cat’s ticked down. Check online to see the wide variety of combs on the market.

Your kitty will definitely appreciate having a nice warm bath once or twice a week. Add a little bit of fresh lukewarm water to her tub and let her jump right in. Most cats like to jump when they are relaxed. Your city kitty survival guide recommends getting her a non-toxic cat shampoo to take care of her fur. When bathing, you should avoid the soap and water.

Some cats prefer the dryer over a hot tub or someone to spray with their shampoo. It is up to you to find out what she prefers. Grooming is something that every cat loves as long as you do it right. Bathing should not be done too often and you should try to get her outside to eliminate rather than in her tub.

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Grooming, feeding and checking on the cat’s health are the top things you need to remember when caring for your cat. A little bit of prevention goes a long way. Take a look at your city’s bylaws to see what kinds of rules are in place.

Get some toys for your cat to play with and work on jumping skills. Kittens learn their skills by biting at toys. Once your kitten has developed some healthy habits you can play with him or her longer.

Grooming your cat can help you prevent having to make trips to the vet and being home with an ill cat. There are many resources to help you care for your cat. Look for a city-sponsored cat event or a phonebook that will provide you with contact information for animal rescue groups in your area.

Take a few moments and read the city kitty survival guide before you get your pet home. Know what to look for and what you should not. You want your new best friend to have a happy, healthy, long life. Your furry friend will thank you. I hope that your kitty makes it.

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