You Are Not Responsible for Other People’s Feelings

You are not responsible for other people’s feelings. The feeling of hurt you may experience is a choice that each person makes, and the only way to stop it from happening again is to learn how your own actions can cause these emotions. Just because someone hurts you does not mean they did anything wrong, so don’t harbor anger or resentment towards them like it was their fault in any capacity
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i am not responsible for your feelings quotes” is a quote that is often said to people who are trying to blame others for their own mistakes. It is a reminder that you cannot control other people’s emotions and should not take responsibility for them.

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“I can’t end our relationship; she’d be sad.”

“I can’t leave my job since it will upset my coworkers.”

“I can’t say no to assisting with this function; my buddy would be irritated if I didn’t.”

When many guys — particularly those of the “Nice Guy” kind — consider making a choice that will have an impact on others, these are the types of thoughts that pass through their heads. They are filled with dread and anxiety just thinking about making such a decision; they are emotional disturbed… at the idea of causing emotional disturbance in another. 

What they fail to comprehend is that you are not responsible for the sentiments of others.

Don’t get me wrong: just because you can’t be held responsible for other people’s emotions doesn’t mean you can’t be held accountable for your behavior toward them. You must keep your pledges and fulfill your moral duties. People should be treated with respect and ethics. When someone sneers that they couldn’t help it if someone else decided to be offended, it’s a load of nonsense since they made it almost impossible for that individual to respond in any other manner.

However, if your decision isn’t morally significant and you make it with as much decency and respect as possible, you’re not responsible for how the other person reacts to it. It is up to them whether they deal with it resolutely or not, intelligently or not, kindly or not. You have no influence over how they respond. And you can’t make your own judgments based on what they’re likely to say.

It’s challenging enough to maintain your own emotional ecology; it’s much more difficult when you attempt to control everyone else’s as well.



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“You are not responsible for your partner’s feelings” is a phrase that has been said before. It is important to realize that you cannot control how someone else feels, and it is also important to remember that you should not take on the responsibility of making them feel better. Reference: you are not responsible for your partner’s feelings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you responsible for others feelings?

A: I am not responsible for other peoples feelings.

How do I stop being responsible for other peoples feelings?

A: This is not a question you can ask me.

Are you responsible for other peoples actions?

A: I am not responsible for other peoples actions.

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