WWII Pocket Stoves

The WWII Pocket Stove was inspired by the stories and accounts of people who survived in harsh conditions during World War II. This small but reliable cook stove is still used today to provide heat when electricity or fuel isn’t available.

The “m1942 stove for sale” is a pocket stove that was used by the United States military during World War II. The stove was designed to be light weight and compact, so it could be carried easily in a backpack or rucksack.

Vintage soldiers cooking food in the forest.

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I stumbled upon this picture of WWII GIs using a specially constructed “Pocket Stove” created and produced for troops by Coleman when seeking for an image for yesterday’s article on camp stoves. From the Coleman’s site, I learnt the following intriguing historical fact:

“World War II erupted less than two decades later, sweeping the world. The Coleman Company, like many others, contributed to the war effort. The Coleman Company produced components for Allied weapons and air forces in Kansas. The Army Quartermaster Corps submitted an urgent request to the Coleman Company in June 1942. Field soldiers required a small stove that could function in a variety of situations across many theaters, weighed less than five pounds, was no bigger than a quart bottle of milk, and burned any kind of fuel. The US Army also required 5,000 stoves to be delivered in sixty days.

Work on designing and manufacturing a stove that fulfilled the Army’s stringent requirements began right away. The final result considerably surpassed the Army’s expectations: the stove could operate at temperatures as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit; it could burn any kind of fuel; it weighed just three and a half pounds; and it was smaller than a quart container of milk. The first 5,000 pieces were airlifted to US soldiers in North Africa during Operation Torch, an allied invasion in 1942. Ernie Pyle, a World War II writer, dedicated 15 news stories to the Coleman® pocket stove, calling it “one of the two most significant noncombat pieces of equipment in the war effort, the other being the Jeep.”

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The “coleman military stove” was a pocket stove that was used during World War II. The coleman military stove is a small, portable, and easy to use cooking device.

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