Writing Wednesday: Survival Tips for Making It in the World of Freelance Writing. Writing on a regular basis is one of the most important factors in success in today’s marketplace. If you are a writer, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “written work builds character.” Maybe you’ve known someone who’s writing great business books or having a huge number of articles in top article directories that seem to come out every week. Or maybe you’re simply writing your thoughts down in a journal to share with a loved one or a friend. But if you’re not enjoying your work, you aren’t writing.

Writing is a lifestyle. It’s more than just being a writer. You may have a business as a writer, but your writing should be an expression of you and your thoughts. When you are writing, you are expressing your own personality through your words. Writing every week is a vital part of your writing life. If you’re looking for some writing tips, here are a few to help get you started on writing Wednesday:

Write every day. There are days when you’re not interested in writing. Or there are days when your writing skills are at a low point and you need to recharge. Whatever the reason, writing every day will help recharge you. When you’re writing, you shouldn’t take any shortcuts and you shouldn’t worry about mistakes.

Make sure you write in the present tense. This seems self-explanatory, but it really isn’t. People struggle with this one because they’ve been taught that since you can’t do anything about the past, you should only focus on the now and what is happening right now.

Focus on your writing skills. Nothing will kill your writing this week more than something that is written without your permission. Whether you rewrite an article you didn’t mean to write or you add a third paragraph, make sure you read the piece first to make sure you understand everything it’s trying to tell you. This also goes for novels, short stories, poems and everything else.

Writing goals. Here’s one of those old time writing tips that still applies. You must write down exactly what you want to accomplish with your writing. Whether it’s improving your writing skills, finding a new creative outlet or anything else, you must make clear that you have a goal. Once you’ve set your goal down in writing, write down how you’re going to achieve your goal each step of the way.

Write in the present tense. This may seem like a simple thing to do. After all, aren’t words written in the present tense supposed to be easy? Well, actually, no. Most writers forget that in our rushing, stressed out lives, we often don’t feel the need to focus on the future or the past. So, it’s always best to write in the past tense, even if it’s just to remind ourselves that we’re working toward something.

Alright, so you know what these are. Writing is an exercise in perseverance and patience. It requires both skill and persistence and, if you let yourself, you’ll reap the rewards. Hopefully these Writing Wednesday writing tips will help you improve your writing skills this Writing Wednesday.

Write every single day. If you can, take a few minutes every day and write down a new piece of writing. The best writing software out there will allow you to do this. This alone will help you get more done through the course of the week.

Practice makes perfect. You don’t need to be a published writer to practice your writing skills. You can make notes in your bathroom, on your kitchen table or anywhere else. This doesn’t mean you’ll become a Hemingway or a Steinbeck, but you will build up your writing skills over time. And when you start getting published or have your book published, you’ll be glad you took the time to work on your writing skills.

So what are you waiting for? Write. Write! Use these tips every Writing Wednesday. Just remember to set goals for the day, write in the present tense and write on a regular basis. Good luck!

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