Fiction University: Introversion 101 is an online writing program designed to prepare struggling authors for their writing careers. Designed by award-winning author Wallace Wattles, this course is intended to help authors overcome the many obstacles they face while trying to make a name for themselves in the literary world. Most authors will tell you that they would rather be known for their books than for the part or their piece of writing they’ve submitted to the literary community. Although this may not always be possible for every writer, many authors have found refuge and success in the writing careers of Dashiell Hammett and Edith Grossman.

Many writers are unaware of the benefits of attending a university such as Fiction University. Writing is a unique art and there are several areas of writing that require years of practice before becoming completely proficient. In addition, writers need to continually revise their work in order to meet the expectations of their publishers and fellow authors. With the help of mentors and other writers who have attended the university, many authors like to go back to school for a refresher course in writing. The university provides teachers who will teach the students about writing in general and about particular areas of writing.

The writers who enroll in Fiction University: Introversion 101 learn how to develop their writing habits and how to avoid bad habits. One of the more difficult aspects of writing is overcoming the writer’s block. Many authors dread being in the writer’s zone and simply cannot get themselves out of it. Through the course, students are taught techniques for overcoming the obstacles that writers sometimes experience when attempting to write their best work.

Many aspiring writers have found writing careers at universities rewarding. For one thing, editors will often view a novel or story before publishing it in any form. Novelists are more likely to be published if they find an editor’s recommendation and submit their work to the editor. The most successful authors are those who have the ability to market themselves and their writing skills to the highest bidder. Authors will learn techniques that will allow them to do just that.

In addition to working with writers, editors will also look at manuscripts and recommend to the authors whether they should proceed. When authors register at Fiction University: Introversion 101, they can select which faculty members they would like to work with. Faculty members include faculty members who specialize in writing, such as undergraduate and graduate levels, professors who have expertise in the field, as well as those who have a background in academe, research, journalism, publishing, and even creative writing. The more specialized a faculty member’s area of specialization, the more likely he/she is to be helpful to the aspiring writer.

When authors register at Fiction University: Introversion 101, they will also learn from reading literature. Literature is a vast body of literature. While some authors specialize in certain types of writing, such as historical or science fiction, others may have interests in everything from mysteries to comedy. Regardless of the preferences of the writers, the university will help them find their niche in writing and develop a writing style. They can read works from other writers and form an idea of how to structure a novel or story.

Each year, students will have the opportunity to read famous short stories by some of the country’s top authors as well as literature by some of today’s top authors. In addition to reading great literature, students will have the chance to collaborate with one another, write essays and write journal articles about their own writing experiences. At the conclusion of each class, the students will have the opportunity to present their written work to a panel of professionals who will give them the opportunity to present their case before an audience.

For authors, writing is a practice that takes time, energy, and patience. As such, it can become very easy for an author to get wrapped up in the excitement of being an author. Fiction students will have the chance to take a step back and look at their writing from a different perspective. They will be able to see their mistakes from the perspective of someone else. This can be a wonderful way to improve one’s writing.

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