If you are a stay at home mom then I’m sure you’re probably looking for ways to have the best time with your kids while you are still able to get some of well deserved money for staying at home with them. Well, you’re not alone! Almost half of all parents who are married are moms and many mothers of small children are now working at home as well. So, if you’re looking for ways to have more fun and be more productive at home, look no further than this Working Mom Survival Guide: 7 Tips to Make Life Easier!

First, relax. If you’re a working mom, you’ve probably had your days when you felt like you just didn’t have any energy left to do anything. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw in the towel and quit the home-based business that you’ve invested so much time and money into. You can still put in as much work as you need to, but you have to approach it differently. Instead of just staying home all day, take a vacation or spend a day with your family.

Second, don’t make the family rely on you for everything. Mom is your income and that means you have to be responsible for your share of household chores and financial obligations. You’re the one who has to take care of the bills, put gas in the car, pick up the kids from school and feed the family. And while that may be your job, that doesn’t mean it’s yours alone!

Third, if you’ve stayed home for longer periods of time, it’s time to re-evaluate what you need from work in order to stay sane. This Working Mom Survival Guide: 7 Tips to make life easier includes advice on how to find something that you actually enjoy doing that won’t drain your bank account while you’re at work. You might also learn how to create a work-life balance that keeps you motivated to stay at home.

Fourth, evaluate your finances. Are there things you can do that will make paying the bills easier? Can you chip in to cover the kids’ school activities or maybe pay for a move? There’s no reason to live paycheck to paycheck. There are plenty of things you can do to make ends meet and get by. The Working Mom Survival Guide: 7 Tips to make life easier includes suggestions on how to budget your income and invest it wisely.

Fifth, put some “me” time in when you’re at home. It can be tempting to watch the kids and be all workaholic all the time, but this doesn’t create a positive work-life balance. Doing something fun like craft project will not only make you more relaxed, but it’ll help you de-stress too. You can even find free weekend bonding sessions with the girls. This can make a particularly good Work Mom Survival Guide: 7 Tips to make life easier for you when you’re at home.

Sixth, be flexible. Motherhood is never easy. There are going to be days when you don’t feel up to par with work and family, but there are ways to bounce back and keep the sanity intact. Working moms should make a mental note of the times when they’ve bucked the trend and stepped up, and the days when they were more relaxed. Being flexible will pay off in the long run, because it keeps you grounded and won’t let you fall into a self-destructive pattern.

Finally, remember that the Internet is a powerful tool to maintain a positive work-life balance. Stay connected via social media sites, professional networking sites, and blogs. Keep an online diary if possible and regularly blog about your family and your life as a whole. Get plenty of sleep and maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. Have fun! Your kids will thank you!

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