Winter is a great time to take your car out on the road. It is also the season of many accidents and car breakdowns due to bad weather. While you should be prepared for bad weather, one of the best preparations you can make is to keep your car cool. Following are some winter car survival tips you can use to keep yourself, and everyone else, safe during the winter months:

Get Your Engine Off the Ground. If you have never gone through a snow storm before, you might want to bring along an auto-start guide. In case you didn’t know, a car that isn’t working properly is a dangerous hazard on ice and snow roads. You don’t want to risk being stranded and endangering your life because your engine simply won’t work.

Stock Up on First Aid Supplies. If you are in an emergency situation, you might want to stock up on first aid supplies. Whether you are driving a car or are at the side of the road in a blizzard, you will need to stay warm and treated for any injuries you sustain. Make sure that you bring along the basic first aid supplies such as bandages, adhesive tape, pain medications, and anti-bacterial ointment or cream.

Stay Warm. It is especially important to stay warm on snow or cold weather roads in the dead of winter. It is vital that you dress appropriately for the weather conditions, which includes wearing layers of clothing over long sleeves, bringing a warm blanket, and having plenty of water stored in a warm place. During the day, make sure you dress in layers so that you don’t become too hot in the cold weather. If it starts to snow, you can light some fire wood in order to keep yourself warm while resting.

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Take Extra Auto Insurance. Most states have severe weather insurance requirements, and if you live in a state that requires this, it is essential that you purchase additional coverage. This is especially true if you live in a no-fault state where someone was driving and hit you by accident. Most people do not have insurance because they think they will not have time to respond to an accident; however, a snow storm can be a factor in your survival.

Take A Snow Blower. You can keep warm by shoveling snow and ice, but you can also use a snow blower if there is a lot of snow or if you cannot get to your car. A snow blower uses the force of wind and air to melt snow and ice on your driveway and sidewalks, which make it easy to keep the driveway and sidewalks icy and warm for you and your family. Be sure that the snow blower is pre-molded so that it will be ready for any occasion.

Have Flashlights. Even if you live in a no-fault state, having flashlights with you is still extremely important. Whether you are shoveling snow or just walking through the cold night air, having a flashlight is always a good idea. Your flashlights can be turned on either manually or automatically.

Use A Winter Weather Shelter. If you are surrounded by snow and ice and you have to go in a car, you should consider purchasing a winter survival shelter. These shelters are perfect for any situation. Most come with a grill and can be used to cook over or cook inside, providing warmth for you and your family. They are available in many different sizes and styles, so be sure to find one that is perfect for your situation.

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