Urgent From PETA: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals is a book by Dr. Lisa Olson, who claims to have saved many animals (and even a few dogs!) while on assignment for National Geographic Adventure in Africa. While there are some factual claims in this book, it is also filled with scenes of animal cruelty and ruthless killing that would make headlines across the globe. These scenes do not reflect the beliefs of the National Geographic Society, which is notorious for its exploitation of animals. I guess they are only referring to what they observe on the field.

The book presents information on how to take on dangerous situations that would normally be considered unethical or even suicidal. It contains descriptions of setting camp in wilderness areas, going up in a helicopter, and snorkeling with seals in Costa Rica. There is even an account of a lion that was so far away from its hut that a child was able to climb inside and climb out again – only to be killed by the animal itself later.

At the end of the book, there is a list of resources that are recommended to individuals and organizations reading the book. One of these is “The Politics of Animals.” This ten-part series is designed to educate readers about the relationship between humans and animals. Although the book by itself does not promote animal rights, it does present some information that may spark your own ideas. In fact, several of the chapters contradict each other, such as when discussing the need to respect animals’ rights and when discussing hunting.

Another one of the many controversial topics presented is the suggestion that hunters may benefit from killing protected animals instead of saving them. This is actually a controversial topic in and of itself. On one hand, it seems like a killing is taking place when an animal is saved rather than killed. On the other hand, if hunters truly have a compassionate side and know that animals deserve a second chance, then maybe they should respect the animals’ rights and leave them alive?

Other suggestions in “Wildfire Survival Tips for Idiots” include leaving pet food out in the sun. You never know what animals are going through and may not eat much if anything at all. In addition, many animals find shelter under bushes and leaves, so this is also not a good idea. Animals’ bodies can smell bad, even days after death. This is one reason why I recommend finding a local pet sitter or humane society for animals that you have left behind.

There are also some valuable tips on how to adopt a lost pet. I love animals and always find new pets to take care of. Unfortunately, there are many times when a pet becomes lost and it can be very difficult to find it. On the Internet, you can find many stories about how pets are treated by humans who assume they are feral. I am sure that if the animal was truly feral, then it would have had its own home.

I also recommend never throwing an animal back into a cruel environment. I have heard incredible stories where people are throwing animals back into cages and locking them up for hours or days. I hope that I sound rational and realize that animals deserve a second chance, but I also realize that this is an impractical solution. I encourage anyone who is interested in adopting an animal to read “Wildfire Survival Tips for Idiots.”

The story told in “Wildfire Survival Tips for Idiots” is heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is necessary that we all do what we can to help wildlife and their habitats. Not only are they essential for the animals’ well-being, but they are also essential for human well-being. Humans should be willing to make a difference, and when I talk to someone who is passionate about helping animals and making a difference, they know that Wildfires End Wilderness is the perfect organization to help them.

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