Survival tips from a law professor may be just what you need to survive in the wilderness. It all depends on what part of America you plan to traverse. One thing I learned years ago was that the South has long been the worst place in America to live by most standards. If you want to get out of a town alive, you have to do it with some extreme caution.

Let’s say for instance, you decide to drive from New Orleans to Texas. There are no cell phones, so you have to drive an old truck and no satellite service. You have no map, and no idea where you are. That is when your truck breaks down. A river flows over its banks, washing away your car. You are completely lost.

The best that can be done is to lie down, sleep off the gas, and hope that the truck makes it to a fence. It might happen. But it is very risky. There were many people who survived after being stranded for weeks in that same spot.

One summer evening, I happened to be out driving the other way when I encountered what appeared to be some strange activity. I slowed down to a crawl so as not to run into anything, and began to follow the white line on the horizon. I could not see very well, so I tried to look for the path of the oncoming truck. I hoped it wasn’t leading into a cave.

Something was behind me. I didn’t see it, but it was there. It was the edge of a cliff. I didn’t think I could make it to the car before it got too dark. So I hunkered down, put my hands on the wheel, and hoped I would make it.

The sun was rising. I had found the whitewashed cabin of the truck I was driving past the night before. The moon was shining just bright enough that I could make out the shapes of the trees that were blocking the path. But now it was becoming increasingly difficult to see anything. I started to panic.

Suddenly the ground became clearer. I saw a man in rags jogging along the road beside me. He was breathing hard. His face was wet and cold. I thought I might have run into a drunk driver the night before, but now I wondered if he was really hurt.

Suddenly I felt a presence, and a light. I shouted to myself, “Is 1L one hell of a ride?” There was no response. Then I saw him standing next to the trail, his face as white as the snow. I shouted at him, “Welcome to 1L, glad you came.”

He laughed. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “I’ve been waiting for you, Mike,” he said.

“You must be new to the road, Mike,” I said. “No, I am an old pro. You must be seeing things that aren’t there.” His face showed he was pleased.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “I told you I wasn’t from here,” he replied. “How did you get on the trail?” “I climbed that mountain once,” he said.

I let him go. He was smiling as he said, “Thanks, Mike.” I drove him home that night. In my mind I was thinking, Is 1L one hell of a ride? I hope not. I sure hope I continue to enjoy all my time out on the open road.

There are some things in the world that are much worse than death. The devil is one of them. But heaven is beautiful too. It is always in a good mood, never complaining and never needing to be told how to behave. Why should the one who went to heaven expect hell to be any different? I don’t think so.

It is said that when we die the soul leaves our body. I believe it is a beautiful, peaceful and wonderful experience. Why would anybody want to bring misery to another person by continuing on the road they just left? What value does life have if it is spent unhappy or feeling sorry for yourself? Not much.

Have a great time! Love your family and friends and enjoy life. It’s what God wants for you. I think that answers the question, “Why is 1L one hell?” Amen! Have fun and stay healthy!

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