Why Every Man Should Have 3 Signature Dishes

When it comes to cooking, signature dishes are your gateway into a new culinary experience. They’re the best way to get started on mastering a food and developing your own tastes without having all of the risk that accompanies trying out an untested recipe for yourself.
Some foods, such as black bean soup or chicken tacos, have become so popular in recent years that they might even be considered standards by some people. There’s no better feeling than knowing you made something delicious friends and family will love!

The “same three meals every day” is a good way to ensure that you have the food you need. Every man should have 3 signature dishes in his arsenal. Some of these dishes might be things like pasta, chicken and rice, or fish and chips.


I’ve been making bread for a few years now. The simplicity drew me in. I could bake a substantial, tasty loaf of bread with only four ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, and water. I began by following the ingredients and guidelines as strictly as possible, as one would with any new recipe. As I became more familiar with it, I began experimenting with different quantities of the basic components and add-ins like cheese, rosemary, and dried fruits/veggies, as well as using the paper recipe less and less (it was a simple one to remember). Finally, I settled on a loaf of bread that is wholly my own and that I can make with my eyes closed and at scale if necessary. 

That bread has made new neighbors feel welcome, fed innumerable dinner parties and book groups, and made my mother-in-law very happy. 

This crusty loaf of bread is without a doubt one of my hallmark recipes. 

Do you have any special recipes? For reasons I’ll explain later, every guy should have at least three.

The Art of Creating a Signature Dish

What distinguishes a distinctive dish from others? It all boils down to two factors: 

You’ve created your own recipe. Your amateur effort to perfect something at home that you truly appreciate while eating out might turn into a distinctive dish. It’s sometimes a re-enactment of a childhood favorite. Perhaps it began with you looking through a cookbook or internet for a meal to prepare for an at-home date. Regardless of how it starts, you gradually begin to alter it from its original recipe, whether by tinkering with the ingredients, trying out new garnishes, or experimenting with the cooking procedure. You work on it for years and revisions until you’ve perfected a trademark dish that’s both tasty and distinctively yours.

It’s possible to create it without using a reference. A trademark meal is something you’ve mastered to the point that you can create it in your own kitchen at any time — with the materials you always have on hand — without consulting the recipe. You’ve memorized the measurements. You’ve mastered the process of preparation. Even while visiting other kitchens, you may improvise as required and whip up something that doesn’t quite fit your preferences, but is near enough to mimic the actual thing while yet retaining your mark.

Creating Your Own Signature Dish

While it’s always exciting to explore new recipes, building a trademark dish with the traits listed above necessitates a consistent rotation of a certain recipe. When you come across a meal that you really enjoy but think may be even better and want to experiment with, try cooking it many times. This repeat may be done over a shorter period of time, such as once a month for a year. It might happen over a lengthy period of time, such as preparing a Thanksgiving pie every year for a decade. 


Whatever the time span, the method is the same: attempt new adjustments and enhancements each time you cook the meal until you reach what seems like culinary perfection, you’ve mastered the preparation, and you feel like you’ve created a genuine trademark dish.

What’s the Point of Signature Dishes?

To provide people with something spectacular and unforgettable. It’s OK if a lot of your cooking isn’t up to par. But you also want to be able to wow your friends and family members by feeding them a food that isn’t simply good, but exceptional – a dish you’ve spent time perfecting for unique flavor. It’s also great to be recognized for something; to have your friends expect you to bring your famous to a party, or to have your kids ask you to make their favorite for their birthday.

For the pleasure of domination. Cooking is a fantastic field in which to nurture skills and creativity, and striving toward mastery, like any other arena, is one of the genuine pleasures. Knowing how to build things with unfailing adeptness and polished flair feels terrific and enhances one’s confidence. 

To make decision-making more straightforward. One of the advantages of having distinctive meals is that it eliminates the need to choose. How frequently do you stress over what to bring to a party or what to serve at a dinner party? A specialty meal helps you save part of your willpower. Is your family throwing a Christmas potluck? My loaf of bread will undoubtedly be there on that table. Relatives coming to visit over the weekend? You know you’re going to make your world-famous spaghetti and meatballs (and your visitors are counting on it!).

For the sake of efficiency and convenience. While cooking may be a time-consuming process, most of that time is spent reading through the recipe, finding out where specific equipment are, returning to the recipe, hesitantly going through a new preparation method, returning to the book… 

You’ll be able to whip up a meal with far more speed and efficiency if you’ve remembered a recipe and its prep stages. When you’re at home, this is useful: On Saturday morning, do the youngsters want anything special? Dad’s French toast is simple to make and only takes 15 minutes. It’s also useful while you’re not at home: Staying in a vacation home with friends and dividing up the chores of food preparation? You know precisely what you’re cooking and how to prepare it, rather than fumbling through some random recipe when it’s your time to cook.

Every man should have at least one signature dish in each of these three categories.

Given that trademark dishes need expertise, and mastery by definition necessitates concentrating on a small number of items rather than a large number, one’s repertoire of signature dishes will be intrinsically restricted. However, at least one item from each of the three categories listed below should be included in this repertoire:

Breakfast. For the sole reason that this meal seems more nostalgic and comfortable than any other, every guy needs a trademark morning dish. Homemade French toast, pancakes, and an omelette are foods that I remember eating with Dad in eateries or at home on Saturday mornings. On a more practical level, you should be able to serve a great morning meal to houseguests with ease, efficiency, and confidence in the quality of the outcomes. Fortunately, adding a distinctive dish to one’s repertoire isn’t difficult, since many morning recipes are simple to master.  


Entree for dinner You don’t usually serve the same folks the same item back-to-back, or even within the next few times you have them over, while throwing dinner parties (which you should do more frequently). However, if you invite friends and family around many times a year, it’s wonderful to have a meal that you serve at least once a year and that your loved ones look forward to. This might be something unofficial, such as making your renowned chili at least once a year, or it could be in connection with a certain special event, such as a New Year’s prime rib. 

As a side dish, The side dish, which may be served with lunch, supper, or even as an appetizer, is possibly the most practical and adaptable of all the dishes to perfect. While you wouldn’t want to offer the same main course every time you host, it’s more acceptable to bring the same side dish when you’re being hosted by someone else — particularly if it’s something excellent you’re renowned for; in fact, loved ones may request it! People recognize me as a handmade bread man and may even schedule dinners around my bringing a bread product; my loaf of bread is a terrific addition to any meal and never gets old. 

In his back pocket, every guy should have a few distinctive dishes. For years and years, these dinners and sides will stay consistently and famously in your repertory, giving delight for you, your family, your friends, and possibly a few strangers. 



“The man eats same thing every day” is a saying that comes from the saying “man should eat like a king, drink like a prince, and sleep like a baby”. This saying means that you should have 3 signature dishes in your repertoire.

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