Stranded abroad? If you are, you’ve probably been missing your beloved family and friends back home. The experience can be overwhelming: your mind is probably filled with thoughts of how you will survive, how you will get help, how you will survive without your loved ones, etc. But then you’re actually away from home and it’s totally quiet, which can make things even worse.

So how do you survive? Well, depending on what situation you’re in, your plan of action may vary. However, there are some things you can do that will help you get through the difficult moments. Here are a few survival tips to help you survive the travel ban:

Phone Home ASAP: If you are stranded abroad, your immediate concern is likely to be your safety. So, give yourself a couple of hours to call home and ask for help. In most situations, this is enough time to arrange a ride to the nearest phone center. You can ask for relatives or friends to pick you up at the airport. This way, if anything goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about it too much when you get home.

Be Ready for Anything: The next thing you should do is get a hold of your phone and get in touch with your loved ones. Make sure they know exactly where you are and that you are okay. Don’t take chances. Let them know everything that is happening so they can act accordingly.

Pack Light: While you may be able to bring a few necessary items with you, packing as light as possible is always a good idea. Pack only what you need. If you have on a bag or knapsack, take only the most important items with you such as cash, medicine, camera, documents, etc. You wouldn’t want to be caught with your underwear and socks behind you while trying to get to your destination.

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Carry Phone and Luggage Mention: Most airlines will issue you a flight ticket and checked luggage only. However, you may find some stores will also allow you to take your own bags. It is not advisable though. Only bring the bare essentials with you so you won’t have to spend more money buying over-the-counter medication or changing prescriptions.

Bring a Phone and Charger: Just in case your phone dies or you lose your cell phone, you will need a phone to call people and a charger to charge your phone. A dead phone will be useless. A dead charger means no cell phone calls can be made. That is why it is very important to have a phone and a charger while you are stranded abroad.

Leave Home: The next step to take when you are stranded abroad is to make sure you leave the country. The last thing you would want to do is stay in an area where you can’t contact your family or friends. Plus, you don’t know if or when they might come looking for you. So if that is the case, find a friend or family member who can look after you until they can return. You can also contact the American Consulate or Embassy in your home country to make arrangements to receive them.

Carry a Plan: A plan should be developed before you travel. This may include a plan for a rescue operation, contacting the proper channels, a list of U.S. consular officials, emergency contact numbers, and a list of other relevant things. When you are stranded abroad? A lot of things can happen. So when you are abroad and you suddenly run out of electricity, water, or food, what do you do?

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Bring a Plan B: Yes, it is true. Even when you are stranded abroad? If your country is not currently on the war path (as has been recently case with Iraq) then you should have everything that you will need within the next 72 hours. So, what do you do when you are stranded abroad?

Go Home: A great way to avoid being stranded abroad is to actually try to get back home. You may find that the problem is so bad that you cannot wait for help to arrive. Then again, if you plan well enough and can somehow get back to the United States through some type of rescue operation, then maybe you wouldn’t mind at all! Remember, a Plan B is better than a Plan C.

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