If there’s one show on TV that deserves the collective attention of football fans all over the world, it’s SHUT DOWN FULLARDESS. Produced by legendary producer Robert Rodriguez and his fellow comedian director Greg Garcia, SHUT DOWN FULLMENT is a live comedy show that celebrates the world of football. Each week, an all star cast of comedians give short interviews, autograph stories, and answer questions from the audience about the most recent news or comment regarding the game and any topical issues that may be of interest to the watching audience. The SHUT DOWN LIVES show has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today as one of their must watch things. Over the past several years, SHUT DOWN FULLMENT has gained immense popularity, not only in the United States but throughout the world.

“Come on Steelers! We love you Steelers” the crowd will sing as the first quarter whistle blows, and soon the soccer team will run onto the field to a roaring standing ovation from the mostly Steelers cheering crowd. As the first half nears its end, the countdown will begin. With each new minute passing, the SHUTDOWN FULLMENT show becomes more intense, with the soccer players running faster, the music getting higher pitch, the players’ voices rising higher, and the fans cheering louder as they move closer to the end of the half.

The offense is one of the focal points of the SHUT DOWN LIVE show. The running game is phenomenal, and Steelers running back Le Garrette Blount has been named the NFL player of the week for the second time this season. The running game has helped the Steelers to one of the top scoring teams in the league, and Blount has reined in his running style. Pittsburgh’s offense is dynamic and is capable of big plays, big gains, and even big catches. Look for the offense to really open up in the first half, as the shorthanded defense will need to focus on slowing down the running game.

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The Cowboys secondary has been playing well lately, but rookie pass rushers Myles Jack and Jaylen Bell have been making some noise on the outside. The rookie studs are making the plays, and the fans just love watching them. In the first half, Dallas will try to stop the run game of the Steelers, while the college football players in attendance will be focused on Myles Jack, Jaylen Bell, and Antonio Brown. The Cowboys secondary will have a chance to pick up a few tackles too, which is always welcome news for Sean Lee and the offensive line.

Last Minute Sunday brought back some memories for me. My first memory of this Super Bowl was watching Super Bowl X, when the Dallas Cowboys traveled to play the hated Steelers. The game was a nail biter, and even with the Cowboys’ dominance over the past few years, Pittsburgh still managed to pull out the win in overtime. Of course, we all know how the game ended. Michael Vick was absolutely magnificent, but the fact that the Cowboys didn’t have any real receivers on their team (other than Jason Witten) made the game nearly flawless.

This year’s edition of the Shutdown NFL Show features the last minute predictions. Last Minute Sunday gives out picks for every major NFL game this season. I love this because it allows a caller to get inside information that the other more knowledgeable analysts don’t have. For instance, if a team is favored to win by five points in a game, and the experts say they’re likely to win by six, then the Last Minute Sunday callers can tell you whether or not that’s a good or bad bet. Sure, there are no guarantees in sports, but this is one way to give you information that may actually make a difference in your lotto day.

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This episode brought back some memories for me, which is what makes the entire series so great. Watching Nick Basquine and his crew of handicappers and experts call the games for the week helped to bring back some fond memories for me. It was great to hear about all the “experts” and “gurus” that supposedly knew so much, when in reality, they didn’t really know anything at all. After watching the show for the first time, it made me think about how simple the whole handicapping process really is. I always thought that the handicappers were smarter than the professionals and that they could figure out the secrets to winning the lottery the right way. But watching the Shutdown Fullcast reminded me how important it is to listen to the experts and to learn from them, and this episode especially showed that.

As always, I highly recommend that you catch up on any programs you may be missing this season, and this one was no exception. Watching Nick Basquine’s team of experts every week on the Shutdown Fullcast was very enlightening, and it definitely made me think about certain things. I did notice that on some of their shows, they seemed to be going against what I’ve been taught, which is usually a good thing. After all, experts can be wrong, and sometimes they go against what you’ve been taught if they see something that challenges their ideas or their strategies. With this in mind, I definitely learned a lot from listening to the Shutdown Fullcast.

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