What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage

The United States is facing a severe shortage of ammunition. After an uncertain and chaotic year, the demand for firearms has exploded.

The main reason for this demand is U.S. security concerns following numerous public order disturbances.

Not to mention the huge impact of the pandemic on the country’s logistics.

Growth in ammunition sales

The presidential drama, accompanied by frequent riots, caused unrest throughout the country. People are now more concerned about their safety than ever before.

There are more new gun owners than at any time in a long time. Anyone who cares at all about the safety of their family or business goes to a gun store.

At a time when official bodies are facing unrest and social chaos, people feel the need to protect themselves. As a result, the sale of ammunition has risen to great heights.

Most retailers are experiencing inventory problems. Some even believe that the increase in gun sales is a reaction to the hate-filled attitudes of far-right conservatives.

Moreover, gun owners buy ammunition to store it, not to shoot it, because of the increased uncertainty.

This means that there are many bulk purchases from veterans and gun enthusiasts.

The belief in preparedness was reinforced after the massacres and shootings of civilians.

As a result, stockpiling by gun owners makes life difficult for gun dealers.

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What happened to the ammunition?

Firearms dealers and wholesalers were delighted that a full inventory was available by early January 2020. No one expected the shelves to be empty in December.

The shortage of ammunition is incomprehensible to consumers. Uncertainty about pandemics, conflicts over gun rights, presidential elections and civil unrest have led to ammunition shortages.

Of course, ammunition manufacturers did not anticipate the increase in the number of new gun owners and the rapid demand for gun stocks. There was even a shortage of ammunition among hunters.

What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage

Just as people hoarded toilet paper in the early 2020s, gun owners and even hunters hoard boxes of ammunition.

In these times of uncertainty, panic buying has become a common consumer practice.

These panic purchases and sales have evolved from toilet paper to disinfectants and now to ammunition.

The challenges of manufacturing

Recall that the United States alone accounts for 90% of the world ammunition market, a figure that only seems to be increasing over the years. Thus, the rising demand poses major challenges for ammunition manufacturers, especially in times of pandemic.

Gun manufacturers must not only meet the needs of the markets, but also ensure the safety of their workers. The health and safety of American workers will always be a priority.

What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage

One obvious solution, increasing the number of workers, went beyond the law of social exclusion.

Manufacturers must now make separate arrangements in their factories to accommodate more workers.

Ultimately, it is a process that takes time, and companies that have reached an agreement are still struggling to meet the demands of the market.

Not only has the demand for ammunition declined, but the demand for brass has declined. As the pandemic represents a global economic downturn, there is a shortage of primers and brass production abroad.

These are the two basic materials for the production of ammunition. Other basic materials for the production of ammunition are also scarce. Such as gunpowder, boxes, cardboard boxes and adhesive tape.

With all production facilities closed, even small things like shipping and packing ammunition have become a challenge. Whether this sudden increase is the result of the desperation of the population or a wild reaction to the unrest, in either case the shortage of ammunition will not improve any time soon.

Conspiracy Theory

What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage Some conspiracy theorists have suggested that the shortage of ammunition was a plan by the company to stockpile ammunition to sell to the wealthy. However, after rigorous questioning, the authorities denied the accuracy of this information. The president of the Remington Ammunition Company felt compelled to respond to these rumors himself.

He only stated that it was absurd to believe that they would keep ammunition in secret custody. He further explained that they are producing more ammunition than ever before. It is simply the ever-increasing demand for ammunition in such a short period of time that is overwhelming the company.

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When will the shortage be over?

Consider that as of March 2020, there are seven million new gun owners nationwide. If you assume that number and make a conservative estimate of the need for ammunition, that would equate to 700 million new cartridges. That number cannot be achieved in less than nine months.

This fact alone puts an end to many conspiracies surrounding this deficit. The Federal President confirms that production will probably increase, but only to a certain extent. The expansion of labor and machinery is a labor-intensive process.

In addition, in the event of a pandemic, it is irresponsible and unwise to expand the workforce to meet business needs.

What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage

As a result, the deficit will likely last until 2021, perhaps longer.

The new Biden administration will also have much to do with ammunition production. Their major decisions on firearms laws and legislation will affect the pace of ammunition production.

What does this mean for drafters?

As a first step toward building more ammunition stockpiles, it should be remembered that, due to the fundamental laws of economics, increasing demand and decreasing supply of products lead to higher ammunition prices.

The price of some bullets and cartridges has tripled since last year. Whatever the reasons for the shortage of ammunition, prices are expected to remain high as long as demand is high and supply is low.

However, a free market economy has a way of stabilizing itself. Supply is expected to catch up in a few months.

What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage

It is simply a matter of patience; if you want to buy ammunition at a lower price, you will have to wait for prices to drop again.

Otherwise, you run the risk of snooping around in stores and spending large amounts of money on rifle ammunition and bullets.

If you are a hunter or looking for ammunition, you can always choose a shotgun of a different caliber, depending on the availability of ammunition.

Consider something like .450 or 7 mm, as the .223 Rem tends to run out quickly. Plus, you can even order custom ammo and wait until April or March.

Under these circumstances, patience will probably work in your favor. If you wait long enough for supplies to increase and demand to decrease, you can buy ammunition at a surprisingly low price.

When companies have excessive stocks of ammunition and demand does not match supply, they are likely to set extremely low prices for ammunition. Therefore, once the hype around firearms has stabilized, you will find it easier to obtain ammunition at low prices.

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How much ammunition do you need to stockpile?

It depends on how much ammunition you need. It also depends on where you live, whether you live in the suburbs or in the city.

If you live in a remote and safe area, you may not need ammunition to protect yourself. But if you live in the suburbs, you should stock up on ammunition.

What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage In terms of protection, in an emergency situation where self-defense is required, it is generally necessary to have about 300 rounds of ammunition on hand for each firearm. Some people think less is good, others want even more. Another aspect that determines your need for available ammunition is your strategy.

Do you plan to stay and seek shelter in times of crisis? Or do you have an exit plan?

Shelter and counterfire require more ammunition from you. Whether it is an attack or a threat, you must show the enemy that you are well equipped with more ammunition.

However, if you plan to retire to a safer place, you should travel light and bring only the essentials.

At worst, the roads will be blocked. You may have to get out of your car and walk. In this situation, you will need food, water and the necessary survival equipment. Therefore, carrying extra ammunition is not ideal.

Investing in ammunition is essential, especially in survival situations.

You should have at least 10,000 rounds of ammunition for each caliber weapon you own. This may seem excessive, but under difficult circumstances, ammunition is worth more than your most valuable possession.

The ideal is to have as much ammunition and supplies as possible, as the demand for ammunition and firearms increases.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is there a shortage of ammunition now?


Where can I get ammunition when supplies are low?

The best place I found on the Internet to search for ammo is a site called AmmoSeek. I think it’s Google Ammo. It’s a site that puts all the online ammo stores in one place. All you have to do is enter your search criteria and click “Search”.

How long will there be a shortage of ammunition?

For every American, 2020 will be marked by COVID-19 and the insane presidential election. In addition, gun owners will remember 2020 (and the spoiler alert, 2021) even more for: the worst ammunition shortage in recent history.

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