What Drowning REALLY Looks Like

Drowning is a topic rarely explored in popular culture, and largely unknown to the general public. This article seeks to explore what drowning really looks like from both an objective and subjective perspective.

Illustraction what drowning really looks like.

If you’re going to the beach or lake this summer, be aware of the 10 “quieter” indications of drowning, which are easiest to overlook.

Mario Vittone is the author of this article.

Many people mistakenly believe that thrashing in the water is a symptom of drowning, but it is rather a sign of aquatic discomfort. The individual is in danger, yet they may still help themselves by grasping anything. The automatic drowing reaction kicks in after this. The person’s lips bobs above and below the water, and they attempt to remain above it by pressing down on the water laterally, so they can’t wave or cry for aid. Instead, keep an eye out for these ten quieter symptoms of downing.

  1. Head dipped low in the water, jaws open.
  2. The mouth is gaping and the head is leaned back.
  3. Eyes are hazy and hollow, and they are impossible to concentrate.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Hair on the brow or around the eyes.
  6. Legs-vertical are not used.
  7. Hyperventilating or gasping for air is a common occurrence.
  8. Attempting to swim in a certain direction yet failing to make progress.
  9. I’m attempting to turn over on my back.
  10. Make it seem as though you’re ascending an unseen ladder.

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