A recent study shows how people are increasingly seeking simplicity in the world around them. This trend is being driven by our need to prioritize what’s most important and minimizing distractions. However, it can be difficult to find true tranquility without sacrificing some of life’s essential elements.

“Simplicity” is a word that has been thrown around a lot lately. It can mean different things to different people. The definition of “simplicity” is the idea of doing one thing and doing it well. Read more in detail here: what does simplicity mean.

What Does Simplicity Really Mean?

"Simplicity is not laziness" by Sunday Firesides.

“Simplicity” has a wonderful ring to it; we believe that if we could only simplify our lives, we would be able to address many of our issues. However, we often go about the task of simplifying incorrectly.

While doing less is often connected with simplifying, this is a limited meaning of the concept. Monks exemplify simplicity, doing considerably less worldly things in exchange for significantly more study, worship, prayer, and other activities.

In reality, there is no such thing as doing less of one thing without doing more of another. You may be able to increase the amount of time you spend watching Netflix if you minimize the amount of time you spend on social/community/work interactions.

So, in the name of simplicity, we often reduce tasks that demand effort while expanding ones that do not. However, this may simply be a nicer way of portraying sloth, and it goes against our stated goal of simplicity.   

If, for example, you want to have a magical, unforgettable Christmas season but abandon all of the traditions and activities that would help you achieve that goal, your intentions and actions are at odds; your life is split and conflicted — not simple. 

Having a purpose and then arranging your life around it is what true simplicity entails. That may entail doing less of what distracts from your goal, but it may also need doing more of what helps you achieve it. The idea is to have every aspect of your life function in unison to achieve your objectives.

By all means, slash those obligations that don’t help you achieve your goals, but make sure that whatever replaces the void does. The simple life is about fullness and integrity, not about large sums of money or work.  



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Simplicity is often defined as the opposite of complexity. It can also be described as a lack of clutter or confusion. This definition seems to be quite broad, which means it is hard to define what simplicity really means. Reference: simplicity examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of simplicity in life?

A: The meaning of simplicity in life is that it is easier to understand, and more straight forward. This often means there isnt a lot of unnecessary complexity or confusion added into the equation with things such as riddles and metaphors, so things can be explained very clearly without too many questions.

What are examples of simplicity?

A: Examples of simplicity include the time it takes to boil a pot on the stove, using only two pieces of plywood for building furniture, and assembling an IKEA piece together.

What is the root word of simplicity?

A: Simplicity is the quality of being simple.

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