The Suburban ‘skunk epidemic’ has gripped New York City like a black plague, killing more than 30 skunks over the past couple of months. The problem? Skunks are known to be carriers of several types of infectious diseases, including the highly contagious Leptospirosis, or L. canis, and the more lethally dangerous Rabies.

So far, though, the ‘official’ response to the situation has been to try and starve the skunks to death. That’s not exactly the best approach for dealing with an animal disease like rabies, which is primarily caused by being exposed to human saliva. For one thing, as this disease eats through the skin, the victims of this particular onslaught have all kinds of marks from the lesions the disease causes. Many of the victims are children, and their young victims have even been hospitalized in serious condition, requiring extensive medical care. While most of the Suburban ‘grass-roots’ people in the city are simply concerned about helping their neighbors and fellow mankind, few have taken the time to consider how they might have helped themselves. That’s because it takes a lot more than mere concern to solve problems, even when those problems involve living creatures.

There are many theories about what is driving the Suburban ‘rabies’ outbreak. Some experts believe that it is due to increased contact between people living close together in close proximity. Another theory holds that it is due to an increase in the number of pets in the city’s parks and other recreational areas. Finally, some researchers theorize that it is a case of overzealous animal control departments, given the revenue that they can earn by quarantining healthy dogs and cats. Whatever the cause – or causes – behind this latest tragedy in the city, one thing is clear: no amount of animal control can possibly handle the situation on its own. And that is why the’Sanctuary ‘is being hastily established around the city.

The problem with this latest outbreak of skunks in the Suburban/Rural boundary area is that it has become a magnet for all sorts of disease carrying pathogens, such as rabies. Rabies is a highly infectious disease, which makes it deadly in cases where the infected person tries to break free of the grasp of the disease. The most common symptoms of rabies include lameness, aggression, depression, and severe muscle weakness. If these symptoms are present in your pet, then the best solution is to isolate the skunk until the medical teams can arrive in town to treat the problem. Once properly treated, the Suburban ‘skunk epidemic’ will be a thing of the past.

Luckily, most skunks tend to survive and breed in captivity. However, one should not forget that they can, in fact, spread the disease to humans who come into contact with them. This is why it is important to be careful when one comes in contact with one. The unfortunate side effect of this disease is that the affected animals tend to be put to sleep by the vigilant human. Hence, this means that the remaining skunks will begin to peck at the dead bodies to eat their flesh, leaving only the much healthier and energetic ones alive to resume the hunt.

Prevention is the key. One must keep the skunk infected area clean and well cleaned at all times. Cleaning the affected area with insecticide is one way of preventing an infestation. One should also use a repellent that contains at least four parts hydrogen peroxide and one part argan oil. These repellents will kill skunks and other small animals that come into contact with the chemicals.

Another way of preventing the Suburban ‘skunk epidemic’ is to call animal control companies to your area. Some animal control companies also offer treatment services in case the skunk problem turns out to be more severe. One should bear in mind that the treatment procedures are usually painful and can put some animals at risk. Therefore, one should not leave the problem until the problem has been solved completely.

If the skunk problem in one’s Suburb skunk house seems to be getting worse, one should contact a pest control company. The pest control company will use pesticides in order to get rid of the skunk population. The pest control company can give one advice on how to control the skunk problem, but the one thing it cannot do is remove the skunk. If the skunk problem in one’s Suburban ‘skunk house’ is left unchecked, then it may turn out to be an ongoing problem. This is why one must be careful and take immediate action before the situation escalates out of control.

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