The ladies are one of the fastest growing demographics when it comes to emergency preparedness. In fact, statistics show that there are nearly twice as many females as males who have at least a basic understanding of emergency preparedness. Here are some emergency preparedness tips for the ladies that may be able to help you save some money on your emergency kits and supplies.

First, make sure you have a good selection of food and water for your entire family. There is not going to be any room in a kit for emergency food or water. You should have an emergency food ration that can last for three days. It may be a good idea to stock up on canned and packaged goods that are specifically designed to last for this long.

Keep a supply of clean water with you. You may need to refill it more than once throughout the day. If you have a large family, this may not be enough. If there is a method to purify water you should carry it with you as well. Water purification systems can easily cost hundreds of dollars, so you may want to consider investing in one in order to provide safe, clean drinking water for your entire family.

If you live in an area that regularly experiences heavy rains or floods, then emergency preparedness for your home might include flashlights and other items that can be used to start an emergency fire. In many cases, the electrical power outage will cause a power outage in your home. This means you will have no running water. You may have candles or oil lanterns available to light a fire in case of a power outage. However, these items are generally not portable and will be of much use after your electricity has been restored.

One of the keys to emergency preparedness is being prepared. Many people who are preppers tend to be proactive and do not wait for an emergency to happen. Rather, they take advantage of emergency preparedness by carrying around supplies that may come in handy during an emergency.

A prepper also watches for the possibility of disaster and stocking up on supplies that can be used if an emergency occurs. A fire or flood may hit their community and you want to be prepared. Emergency preparedness can also include having an inventory of medications and supplies available in case the hospitalization process takes place.

A prepper might also be prepared by carrying around survival equipment like food bars and water purification tablets. A prepper might also have blankets, pillows and other items in case of emergency. A prepper also puts thought into what he/she will do if emergency strikes. A prepper knows that prepping for emergencies takes time but is well worth it if it means one less thing to worry about when the inevitable happens.

While being prepared for an emergency is important, there are some who see emergency preparedness as an unnecessary expense. A prepper knows that prepping for an emergency is not a luxury, but a necessity. Some simply cannot afford emergency preparedness kits, so they stock up on survival goods like duct tape, candles, and flashlights at home. In this case, a proper should purchase these items from a reputable business and not from a discount store. Another person might see emergency preparedness as an intrusion into their life. To prevent this type of thinking, preppers purchase emergency preparedness kits from online and brick-and-mortar stores.

When thinking about emergency preparedness kits, it’s good to think long term. A prepper will want to stock up on supplies that will last longer than the kit itself will. This can include items such as batteries for flashlights and candles. Other items that may be needed include car keys, a can opener, safety scissors, tweezers, a screwdriver set, and others. A prepper should always have a supply of supplies ready when emergency strikes.

Because preppers face such a high risk of emergency, they are encouraged to carry an extra layer of emergency preparedness with them. A good prepper should carry two sets of emergency supplies: one to be kept in the car, and one to bring with him at all times. Even if the prepper has extra money to purchase supplies ahead of time, he/she should not wait until emergency strikes to stock up.

It’s also a good idea to educate others about preparedness. One way is to share preparedness stories with friends and family. Others can benefit from the story, as well. In turn, the friends and family may be more inclined to become preppers themselves. And there is no lack of people to share their experiences!

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