As Hurricane Irene approaches the Mid-Atlantic states, many people who live or vacation in areas prone to hurricanes have already prepared some useful Hurricane car survival tips for car owners. Many Americans, as well as people in other countries, are currently dealing with preparations for any eventuality involving a hurricane. Even though Hurricane Irene isn’t expecting to make land-based hit land (and even if it does some storms are not expected to reach hurricane strength), many people are taking special care with their cars. In preparation for any eventuality, people are examining both the practical aspects of hurricane safety and the more aesthetic benefits of caring for one’s car during an emergency situation.

Many cars are particularly vulnerable during any type of severe weather, as they can quickly become damaged, either through wind-blown debris or actual impact from a storm surge. Because of the dangers to automobiles, it is always wise to review the car’s paperwork, including registration and ownership, and make sure that all parts, including the battery, are intact and fully operational before leaving the car. This is especially important when it comes to starting the car in storm-damaged areas, as batteries can easily be ruined by flooded conditions.

While not all cars can withstand hurricane force winds, most can. It’s also very important to fully inspect one’s car for any type of dents, scratches, or cracks. If a dent appears in the car that could cause travel damage, such as on a door, one should immediately consult with a professional. While minor dents and scratches can be handled with simple sealants and cleaning, major damage may require that the car be completely overhauled, with the option of having the engine replaced.

If cars aren’t left in a well-lit area during a hurricane, they will have a much higher risk of being broken into. It’s also important to ensure that the car’s windows are open, so that any flying debris or flying insects will have an easier time penetrating them and damaging the interior. In addition, it’s crucial to remove any valuable, sentimental, or personal belongings from the car as soon as possible. A hurricane is much more likely to destroy a vehicle than a burglary, and the contents will almost always be irreplaceable. It’s best to leave these items at home until it’s safe to return.

It’s important to remember that many people buy hurricane preparedness kits for use when a hurricane warning is issued. These kits typically contain blankets, pillows, canned goods, water, cleaning supplies, and more. It’s important to stay well stocked, as it’s possible that some of these items will need to be substituted. Furthermore, a kit won’t usually include basic replacement car parts like bumpers, wheels, and transmissions, so it’s best to consult a local or online resource for these items.

While many people focus on the practical aspects of storm preparation, another key aspect of protecting one’s life and property is being prepared for disasters of the kind that happen frequently in areas prone to hurricanes. Many people who live or work in hurricane zones develop an aversion to being in storm-prone areas, for fear of damage or loss. However, studies show that many people who live or work in such areas actually experience less damage or loss than those who don’t. In addition, many people choose to weather the storm, knowing that doing so will save their lives.

During the hurricane season, many drivers opt to “weather” the storm, making preparations ahead of time and securing supplies in their vehicles. Many car owners and drivers double-bag their cars to eliminate potentially catastrophic damage during a hurricane. Others park away from trees and high-tide zones to minimize damage. Still others replace their regular windows with storm-resistant glass and install strong locks and barriers to prevent wind from opening the windows. In addition to securing items inside the car, most people mount sturdy chairs and other belongings against the potential force of wind, which significantly reduces damage to furniture and interior parts.

Weathering the storm: hurricane car insurance is a critical element of preparing for hurricane season. Therefore, it’s wise to take steps to weather the storm and protect your life and property. As the National Hurricane Center intensifies and threatens to hit the Gulf Coast states, preparations should become even more significant. The National Weather Service has issued a hurricane warning for most of the Gulf Coast from Port Charlotte, Florida, to Slidell, Alabama. In preparation for a possible impact on the Gulf Coast, residents are advised to evaluate their hurricane preparedness and update inventory lists, including emergency supplies, as well as knowing exactly when the first signs of threat might appear. Doing so can significantly reduce the possibility of total destruction resulting from hurricanes.

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