Jet Lag? No way! If you are traveling east across time zones, Jet Lag can be a nuisance, to say the least. Don’t worry – there are some easy ways to battle the inevitable. Here’s a look at the best Jet Lag Survival Tips – Airport Hotel Guide.

First, know when you actually arrived in your destination. There is usually a reliable time reference such as PST (Pacific Standard Time) as well as EET (estimated time of arrival) when you are flying out. Know when you are landing so that you can prepare for this time. If it is still early in the morning when you first woke up, you may find that it is still too much of an adjustment.

If you are flying out of Toronto, make sure that you are in the land and not on the water. You can usually gauge how long you will be out of Toronto by looking at your flight schedule. If you are arriving at about 5 p.m., you should be out of Toronto in just a few hours. However, if you are arriving at about midnight, chances are that you will be jet lag for several days! Knowing when you will be back will help you avoid the pitfalls of jet lag.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol for a few days before your trip. Even if you think that you will need them, doing so too early can cause confusion and make it worse. When you are getting ready to sleep, remember to remove all of the belongings you are carrying. The heavier the objects are, the longer you will have to “settle down.” The lightness of your home will not help you get a good night’s rest – take off those extra blankets and pillows!

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Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if possible during your journey. Losing control of your vehicle during a drive can cause the effects of jet lag to become severe. If possible, hire a rental car so that you do not end up where you want to be – in other words, try to avoid the situation where you have to drive yourself. While driving is difficult for many people, it may be preferable to the debilitating effects of jet lag.

Consider taking an herbal supplement that will help your body adjust to your destination. There are many available on the market and there is probably one that will work for you. Herbal supplements are a great way to fight jet lag symptoms, and the helpful properties of herbs have been known to aid the human body in sleeping, as well as helping with weight loss, depression, and anxiety. Not only do they treat these symptoms, but they also increase overall health, thus reducing the chance of jet lag.

Try to spend a day or two at the beach or at a favorite tourist attraction to help you overcome jet lag. Taking a swim is a popular remedy that many people use to beat jet lag. This works because the water helps to reduce the effects of motion on the body. You will feel refreshed when you return home and will be ready to face your daily routine.

Try drinking green tea. Green tea has been known to help people relax and get past their jet lag. There are various supplements that are specifically formulated to help people recover from this frustrating condition. You can look for various tips on the internet to find the best herbal supplement that will help you. There are lots of homeopathic remedies that can be just as effective and can be bought over the counter.

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