A survival guide on a deserted island would give you a lot of advice that is impossible to hear in this day and age. But the things that they’d tell you are things that you should already know. If you’re anything like me, I used to listen to a lot of survival TV shows when I was a kid. The ones that gave tips such as “don’t eat too much unless you’re starving!”

That’s a bunch of nonsense! Don’t listen to these types of guides when it comes to survival. Survival TV shows are just a giant waste of time. They never show you what you really need to survive. If you want to get information from a guide, make sure that the guide you use has a good reputation.

Survival TV shows don’t use real life examples. They’re only using someone else’s experience to teach their viewers how to do things. How can you even compare yourself to someone else? You can’t. Survival guides on a desert island will give you the tried and true ways to survive there. It won’t be long before you’re the one surviving and thriving there, instead of watching others do it all the time.

Real survival guides stay away from the negative aspects of modern living and put out videos and pictures of beautiful sights, natural landscapes, and other sights that will make you want to dig deeper and think more seriously about your situation. They might have some kind of story in them about someone who has gone through what you’re going through right now. There are thousands of stories like that floating around out there. Use these stories to inspire you. Don’t listen to the survival TV shows and buy into all of the junk that’s floating around.

Survival guides are written to help you think about your situation in a different light. When you’re faced with a problem that seems impossible, you don’t automatically look at yourself as a failure. When you read a guide that focuses on other people but looks at yours in a positive way, you’ll start to see things in a new way. Instead of worrying about your food or your belongings, start thinking about ways you can solve the problem. Think about what you can do to make things better.

A good survival guide will allow you to use a real life example. For example, if you’re stranded on an island with no water, you wouldn’t think about using a sand box for an impromptu shower. However, a survival guide on how to survive on an island where there are no water and food available would show you just how crucial it is to conserve what little water and food you have. As long as you have those two resources, you’re well on your way to getting help and creating an emergency supply list.

Another example would be the use of a flotation device. In an emergency situation, you probably won’t be able to float through the ocean. A survival guide can show you how to float using a plastic tube. While you won’t be able to float to the top of the ocean, you can float to the middle. That can at least help you get some air.

A survival guide can also help you figure out what to do if you’re lost on the land. For example, if you’re lost in the wilderness, you’re probably not going to have any form of cell phone service. If you have a cell, though, it’s probably dead. So, what are your options? You could call the local authorities and hope they have someone there in a timely manner.

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