Urgent From PETA: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals is a new eBook written by Gary Null, who is an animal rights advocate and national spokesperson. The book tells the story of how a group of hikers discovered a burned alive mountain dog, much to the dismay of rescuers. Their frantic search for the lost pup ended with the animal being saved from euthanasia. This touching story inspires people to act on behalf of dogs in need. As an inspiring tale of bravery, this is one book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.

Describing herself as “an animal lover first and foremost,” PETA’s Urgent From PETA appearance urges people not to use or possess animals such as dogs, cats, or other furry pets. Instead, the organization advocates against the torturous lives dogs are put through. The book describes some of the ways that dogs are killed for profit: by throwing them into a boiling vat or burning them at a high temperature. Even insects such as bees and wasps are used for human consumption. The book concludes by urging readers to learn more about how animals are abused instead of caged up and sold like factory farmed products.

Many people reading this book will be moved to action in defense of the animals described. It’s amazing to think how far people will go to defend these helpless creatures. Some of the illustrations are graphic and upsetting. PETA has spoken out against these in the past, but in this book, they are explicitly mentioned. There are even photographs of gruesome animals’ bodies that give further evidence of just how unnecessary the treatment of animals is.

Despite its upsetting subject matter, Urgent From PETA: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals gets most of its content right. The book starts out with an introduction on why the phrase ‘leave them alone’ actually isn’t a good one. Then there’s a good explanation of why some things should be donated to charity instead of being hunted and killed. It discusses ways to help wild animals and plants and how doing so can have positive consequences for humanity and the planet.

The book then delves into some of the more graphic details. Among them are dog and cat grumps who are regularly fed to keep them fat. There are chickens that are kept alive in pens as battery hens. The author gives specific recommendations for handling dangerous or endangered animals. Her concluding advice is to avoid animal meat if possible.

Urgent From PETA is certainly not the book for everyone. For example, it recommends that you don’t hunt animals if you want to preserve their lives. The author also advocates against using live traps (but she does include traps which trap their eggs.) The book contains a number of recipes that vegans will probably find repugnant: cinnamon rolls, bacon strips with coconut oil, even chocolate sauce!

Still, if you’re willing to eat this book and learn some of its advice, I think it’s a valuable read. It doesn’t take the place of professional knowledge about how best to care for wild animals. But it can certainly add some food for thought about how we may interact with and treat our own pets. It’s definitely worth reading. And the recipes could make a delightful addition to your household pantry.

Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Pets is not a book for everyone. If you think you might have an aversion to dogs, don’t read it. If you have a mild dislike or fear of cats, don’t buy it. It’s a book about wild animals, not family pets. But if you think you’d like to learn a thing or two about caring for these animals and preparing your home for their eventual return, then this is a great little book. It might just change your approach to preparing for the return of your pet animals.

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