Urgent From PETA is a new vegan book that contains over 40 pages of delicious, mouthwatering and healthy recipes for vegans and vegetarians. It’s about time someone gave us vegans some great recipes! The recipes in Urgent From PETA are not only good for us but also taste good for the animals that will be served on these healthy, homemade dishes. In fact, most of the dishes that are featured in this vegan cookbook were created by professional chefs who have chosen to include them as some of their recipes in Urgent From PETA. Because all of the dishes are so tasty, most people I know are already using these recipes in their everyday lives.

While reading these new vegan cookbooks, I was excited to learn about some of the ways that animals are being killed for food. While traditionally, animals are killed for their meat (which, as you may know, is often tasteless), they are also often killed for their organs, brains, feet, fur, and even eyes. These organs and bones are then used for human consumption, and that’s why millions of innocent animals die in American prisons each year. While in the prison system, these innocent victims of animal abuse don’t usually receive any justice, I’m sure that you’ll fight to ensure that the voiceless animals are not neglected in your own backyard. When you buy and cook from a company that supports the rights of animals, you’ll be able to help put an end to the needless death and misery of animals everywhere.

Because I love vegetables, I especially enjoyed reading about Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Vegetarians, which includes detailed instructions for making delicious meals for yourself, as well as feeding wildlife when you’re on vacation. You can make a meal that combines different fruits and vegetables, or you can make a hearty stew that only requires ingredients from your local grocery store (and most of them are organic and natural). The nice thing about the vegetarian food Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Vegetarians gives you plenty of options for your meals, since you won’t be forced to eat things you don’t like as much as animals. Regardless of what you end up making, you can feel great knowing that you’re doing something to help sustain the lives of wild animals and plants.

If you have children, then Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Kids and the Vegetarian Meal you make will be especially rewarding. Kids tend to love vegetables, and they’ll be absolutely delighted in learning how to kill an animal to satisfy their hunger. They’ll enjoy the fact that there’s no messy grass to mow after the animals are dead, and they’ll love the fact that they didn’t have to eat the skin. However, some kids may find the taste of the meal too “cakey,” so you’ll want to be sure that you have plenty of “cake” to give them later. (Be sure to use non-stick parchment to bake with, so your children can’t put it in the microwave and it won’t melt.)

If you’d like to take the meal a little further, then you can make a nice warm breakfast out of the animal’s remains. You could boil it, or you could fry it. You can also bake it. There’s really no limits. Your kids will be absolutely ecstatic to know that they helped save the wild animals and that you were able to feed them, too!

What’s also nice is that this particular Urgent From Peta book comes with an assortment of appetizing recipes. The recipes themselves take on a variety of forms, but in general, they feature a mix of the baked wild animal crackers with some sort of creamy sauce. It’s a nice change of pace from the traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, and oatmeal, and it’s something that your kids will absolutely love. They’ll actually want to make them over again!

Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips is the perfect book for parents to give to their children. It tells them how to make meals for wild animals if they happen to come across them in their own yard. As funny as it sounds, it’s also a great book for kids to read with, because it teaches them basic wilderness survival skills and that they don’t have to spend countless hours searching for animals just so that they can have a snack.

In addition, you’ll also learn some fun (and delicious) recipes. Some of them include rabbit stew, roast chicken, and even roasted marshmallows. The recipes are easy enough to follow that any child can follow them and enjoy them. Of course, it’s important to supervise the process. You don’t want your children making things that are too dangerous for them. But if you let them try, they’ll be thrilled with the results and likely feel a sense of pride when they present the finished product.

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