Urgent From PETA: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Penticton, BC is a report released in November of 2021. It is written by a behavioural ecologist, Dr. David Marshall. His research focuses on the effects of global warming on wildlife and the threats it poses to our pets, as well as on people. His website can be found at:

He bases his argument on evidence provided by research teams that have investigated the effects of global warming on various species across the globe. A particularly troubling finding was that of the rapid death of certain species. According to Dr. Marshall, this is a critical concern because the rapid demise of such species often signals the start of extinctions or mass extinction events. Moreover, some animals’ bodies may not survive the onslaught of these extinctions. Thus, “while we are dealing with extinction risks, we also need to take care of the vulnerability of our pets.” This is precisely the theme of Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Penticton, BC.

In this report, Dr. Marshall provides several tips for using “green energy” to supplement your household’s power supply, thus lessening your reliance on fossil fuel and reducing your carbon footprint. He also describes how using “green energy” coupled with an active lifestyle might even be more beneficial to you than simply relying on your solar power system. Additionally, the author contends that green living is essential for keeping both your mind and body healthy. This is because the environment is continually being bombarded with pollutants such as carbon dioxide, methane gas, chlorofluorocarbons, and mercury, which are known to aggravate and hasten many degenerative diseases.

Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Penticton BC describes many potential threats to pets and wildlife. For instance, rapid population growth along the coast can lead to an increase in sea life, which can result in depletion of oxygen. Likewise, increasing forest cover can increase the vulnerability of the wildlife to human interference. As well, many native species may become extinct due to human encroachment and invasive species. Finally, global warming may lead to decreasing air quality and increasing temperatures which can threaten the health of pet owners and their animals.

The author suggests ways in which you can save your animals while minimizing your carbon footprint. This includes planting “greener” flowers such as shrubs and trees. You can also plant shade-loving plants next to your home to prevent heat waves from affecting your animals’ temperature. He also recommends investing in wind-powered generators to provide power for your home. He further suggests building straw habitats for your animals and providing them with toys or water bottles on which they can hunt for food.

Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Penticton BC also provides valuable information about recycling, composting, worm farming, firewood, wood shavings, and trash removal. It is important to dispose of yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings carefully, as some can be toxic to animals. The book also encourages organic gardening and the use of natural compost. In addition, you should learn how to build sturdy tarps and other coverings that will protect your animals and home. This includes providing a safe place for your chickens or goats to sleep.

Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Penticton BC also provides valuable information regarding the dangers of dealing with wildlife. Specifically, it discusses issues regarding disease, parasites, and malnutrition. Specifically, the book discusses the risks associated with goldfish and birds carrying avian salmonella. As well, it discusses how to safely feed your animals, especially if you keep pet turtle pets.

Urgent From Peta: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Penticton BC is written by Pamela Smith, who is an avid gardener and wildlife lover. She has been a professional pest control agent for the better part of fifteen years, and even took a year sabbatical while working full-time as a consultant. After deciding to write a book on her experiences, Pamela spent two years perfecting the writing process. The result is a fantastic text that tells you everything you need to know about dealing with wild and feral animals. It not only provides valuable information on how to survive as an animal owner, but also provides tips on keeping your animals healthy and safe.

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