Urgent From PETA: Hot-Weather Survival Tips for Animals appeared first in Spanish, then in English. The book discusses how millions of animals are killed each year in circus acts. It was written by German-Dutch researcher Liesbet van Sloten. It is intended for children, teens and adults.

“The evidence is overwhelming that wild animals are suffering tremendously from being kept in captivity. The sad fact is that the French authorities, which for decades has been lax in animal welfare, allowed these barbaric acts to go on unchecked. The truth is that the abuse against animals in circuses goes on unchecked because the public and even some officials at the highest level of government do not believe that it is necessary to protect animals that are engaged in acts of entertainment.” – Stephen Wolfram

This is the Urgent From PETA that appeared first in German. It discusses how mountain lions, foxes and other creatures being kept in zoos, circuses and other places all over the world are being abused. Some groups are trying to put forth a bill in the German parliament to make it illegal to keep wild animals in captivity.

“A bill introduced in the state of Tennessee would make it illegal to use live animals in a traveling show grounds,” according to The Urgent From PETA. “The bill, which has already passed the state legislature, would also make it illegal to utilize live animals in any kind of livestock shows.” Wolfram notes that the proposed law is expected to be strongly opposed by the country’s two biggest animal rights organizations. The National Rifle Association has already called the measure “utterly unlawful” and the Humane Society has also voiced its opposition, warning, “Many lives could be saved by simply banning these acts of cruelty in the state of Tennessee.”

As soon as this bill was filed in the state house, a number of cities in Tennessee began to voice their support for the bill. They have created a website where they plan to gather information on upcoming events in the area, as well as information on the Stop Animal cruelty in Tennessee group. The bill is expected to pass when the legislature returns from recess later this month. The original Urgent From PETA release indicated that twenty members of the legislature were expected to express their support for the bill.

The bill was officially released by the governor of Tennessee on March 5th. According to the release, Tennessee’s legislature will begin the process of writing a final bill, which would be sent to the House and Senate for approval. The official word from the governor on the proposed legislation is that the legislation would be signed into law by the end of the month. He also stated that once the final bill has been signed into law by the Governor, the state of Tennessee will officially ban all animal abuse within the state.

The National Rifle Association has also put out a strong stance against the proposed Act. Even though the organization did not specifically call for the legislation to be passed, they have come down hard on the idea, stating that it will do nothing to help the situation for animals in shelters or for wild animals. The previous release of the Urgent From Peta: Hot-Weather Survival Tips for Families implied that adopting or purchasing a child from a local children’s shelter would help reduce the rate of puppy mills. Although no clear statistics can be found to back up this claim, the argument does appear to make sense based on the way that children are treated in those types of facilities.

As the saying goes, a problem known is not always a problem remembered. This statement is certainly true when it comes to saving lives of animals in the heat. Hopefully, the upcoming hot-weather survival tips for families will lead to more responsible actions on the part of owners and pets alike. The goal is not just to make pets more comfortable, but to make them feel better about going outdoors. If a situation can be avoided where an animal could get seriously ill or even die, it is better to take that chance than not at all.

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