Unleash Your Inner Wolverine: How to Develop Superhuman Healing Power

It’s a long story, but the short version is that Wolverine heals himself using his own healing factor. What if you had your own?

The “testosterone diet plan” is a book that will teach you how to develop superhuman healing power. The book also has a list of foods and supplements that can help you gain the benefits of testosterone without having to undergo hormone replacement therapy.

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Note from the editor: Brett McKay and Chad Howse collaborated on this piece.

Who doesn’t aspire to be Wolverine?

He possesses retractable mother-freaking adamantium claws in his hands, is very powerful, and has amazing sideburns.

Wolverine’s major mutant strength is his fast “healing factor,” which he gets from his mutant claws and masculine sideburns. His body can heal injured or destroyed tissue far quicker than normal people can.

Is there a gash to his chest? Wolverine is unconcerned. It heals in a matter of seconds, and then he’ll track down the jerk who nicked him and impale him with his razor-sharp claws.

Is there a bullet wound? Bullets are eaten by Wolverine’s body.

Wolverine’s mutant healing factor not only makes him almost indestructible, but it also makes him nearly immortal. His mending ability delays the aging process, which explains why, despite being born in the 1880s, he possesses the energy and vitality of a 30-year-old man.

Healing and longevity are superhuman abilities.

Isn’t this the stuff of comic books?

What if we told you that even non-mutant mortals could use some of Wolverine’s quick healing abilities?

You still don’t trust us?

Read on.

How Chad Howse Found the Wolverine-like Healing Secret

Chad Howse, a fitness trainer, writer, and regular AoM contributor, recently told me about how he found the key to mending like Wolverine:

It was my first visit to this beautiful island. A water slide had been constructed out of the mountainside by some of my then-pals. girlfriend’s I’d previously jogged a few times with a few other people who’d participated in the fun. I was becoming more and more comfortable with each try, and I was moving quicker. I determined that my next run would be the quickest yet.

“This time, nothing but my heels and shoulders will touch the slide,” I promised to myself, possibly loudly since I have a habit of talking to myself. I took a few steps back and then dashed away. I sprang onto a slick, rubberized tarp that had been set down in a trench and instantly rose my hips and torso, leaving my shoulders and heels as the only sections of my body in touch with the slide.

I got off to a quick start and increased my pace as the slope steepened. I was foolishly cocky as I neared my first turn, having previously completed a few runs. “I won’t launch off them since they’re high enough,” I reasoned. And I was accurate on the first bend; I climbed high up into the shoulder but stayed on the slide. The second turn, on the other hand, was a different story.

As I entered the second and last bend of the slide, I attained top speed. But I couldn’t slow down and was thrown over the shoulder. I skidded through the grass and slid bare-chested over the volcanic rock that served as a barrier surrounding the water at the foot of the slide.


I slipped into the water after hitting the rock on my stomach. I felt that was a good run, and it was certainly the quickest so far. To a few claps, I sprang out of the water and sprinted back up the hill. “Holy crap!” I said after barely 15 steps.

A buddy approached me and pointed to my chest. Because of that beautifully positioned volcanic rock enclosing the pool, I glanced down to discover my skin entirely crimson and covered in blood, stripped of its outer coat.

It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was a sight to see. The gashes were unexpected, but what occurred next was even more so.

My wounds were entirely healed in within three days. I didn’t even have scabs; all I had were a few fading scars to show that my body had been ripped apart. Those, too, vanished after a few days. My wounds have never healed that quickly before.

I was feeling a much like Wolverine.

What Does It Take to Become Wolverine?

Vintage how you can become wolverine.

What was Chad’s Wolverine-like recuperation formula?

Is it the result of a genetic mutation?

Bones laced with adamantium?


It was testosterone, which is a completely normal part of the male anatomy.

Testosterone, of course. The same substance that causes a man’s chest to grow hair and his blood to burn.

Chad had been concentrating on improving his natural testosterone levels via food and lifestyle adjustments before and throughout his vacation to Hawaii. While Chad’s initial objective was to enhance strength and muscular mass, he realized that having healthy testosterone levels had a slew of other health advantages, including accelerating the healing process.

Last year, I completed my own testosterone-increasing experiment and published a piece about the various advantages of T. But it wasn’t until Chad mentioned it that I learned about fast healing.

Testosterone is essential for our bodies’ healing and regeneration processes, according to research. Not only does testosterone play a crucial part in the tissue development and protein synthesis necessary for wound healing, but it also plays a function in the generation of IGF-1. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) is a polypeptide that aids in the healing process by interacting with human growth hormone. Furthermore, it acts as a general wound-healing stimulant by raising the rate of cell reproduction as well as skin renewal around the wound site.

One of the reasons men with HIV and other immune-suppressing illnesses experience slow-healing wounds is that their testosterone levels (and hence their IGF-1 levels) are lowered. Low T and IGF-1 levels might possibly explain why wounds heal more slowly in older men.

While studies demonstrates that low testosterone levels lead to poorer wound healing, the healing process does not speed up after you achieve your ideal testosterone level. So boosting your testosterone to excessively high levels with pills won’t help your wounds heal any quicker than if you simply opted for an appropriate amount of T. If you have low T (and chances are you have), just raising your T levels to where they should be for a guy your age should improve the speed with which your wounds heal.


Optimal testosterone levels may also deliver Wolverine-like lifespan, in addition to helping you recover like a mutant. According to a recent Australian research, males with low testosterone levels had a higher death risk than those with adequate levels. But don’t let this lead you to believe that you should raise your T levels to dangerously high levels. Men with too much testosterone have a higher death risk. The guys who live the longest are those who have naturally optimum (there’s that term again!) levels of T.

The Wolverine Strategy

Focus on maximizing your natural testosterone levels to get a taste of Wolverine’s extraordinary wound repair and lifespan. This does not need the use of steroids or the application of testosterone cream to the abdomen. (In fact, as described above, intentionally boosting your testosterone to super-high levels has been shown to have no effect on wound healing and may even increase your chances of dying young.) To naturally enhance your testosterone, all you have to do is make a few easy dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Wolverine hugh jackman deadlifting muscles bulging.

When Wolverine isn’t fighting evil people, he’s in the gym lifting hefty weights.

Bruise your muscles (i.e. lift heavy). Wolverine’s self-healing ability becomes stronger as he encounters pain and stress, according to Wolverine: The Best There Is. He will even purposefully inflict agony on himself in order to connect with his wild side. Be like Wolverine and inflict pain on yourself at the gym to raise wound-healing testosterone levels in your body and reconnect with your primordial masculinity. Regular hard weightlifting will stress your muscles in a healthy, regulated manner. Stick on complex movements like the bench, squat, and deadlift, which are linked to greater testosterone levels.

Carbonadiums of testosterone should be avoided. When Wolverine is damaged by a carbonadium item, his self-healing ability is significantly hindered. It’s like kryptonite for him. Our carbonadiums are xenoestrogens, which are compounds and chemicals that we humans produce. Xenoestrogens imitate estrogen, lowering testosterone levels and so reducing our strength and decreasing wound healing. Plastics, shampoos, gasoline, toothpaste, and a slew of other household items include them, which is unfortunate. While testosterone-sapping carbonadiums are prevalent in today’s world, you may lessen your exposure by storing food in glass rather than plastic containers, using all-natural grooming products (search for ones manufactured without phalates and parabens), and avoiding gasoline and pesticides.

Recharge your batteries. In order for Wolverine’s body to rebuild tissue, he has to ingest a lot of protein. We need to nourish our bodies properly, much like Wolverine, in order to manufacture the testosterone required to improve our own self-healing abilities. While protein is necessary for testosterone synthesis, cholesterol is the most significant food since it is the building block of testosterone. Meat, eggs, and heavy whipping cream are all meals that are good for testosterone.

Check out the suggestions I made in this article and pick yourself a copy of Chad’s new book, The Man Diet, if you’re searching for instructions on what to eat to boost your testosterone levels. Chad spent years studying and fine-tuning a diet designed just for males and tailored for raising testosterone levels.


Finally, remember to work on your Wolverine yell. Although science has yet to confirm its usefulness in increasing T, it’s just a question of time…



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my healing power?

A: The best way to increase your healing power is to wait for the cooldown of your user powers before using them again. You can also upgrade your gear, but usually this requires collecting a certain amount of credits which you need in order to do so.

How do you regenerate like a wolverine?

A: Wolverines regeneration is very tough to calculate, but it seems like the answer would be something along the lines of a rate of 40 hp per minute.

Does Wolverine have super healing?

A: Wolverine is a mutant, and as such his healing factor gives him resistance to some diseases.

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