University survival tips are essential if you want to survive and thrive in this troubled economy. I am not referring to doom and gloom but a realistic outlook that will help you create a plan B to ensure your survival during these difficult times. University is one place many people go for information and education but for some it becomes too much work and they give up. A college degree is no longer a safe haven for job security.

How can you leverage digital media for university survival tips? The answer is to master the skills, know your audience, have a plan and execute. One of the best things about technology is that it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus. It is important to find your niche and remain focused. Your plan is the course, your audience is your friends.

Take your degree seriously. Make sure you invest your time and energy in courses that will teach you valuable skills. If you choose an online degree program, study diligently to become proficient. You can always upgrade or add more classes as necessary.

Digital media is a powerful resource to help you leverage traditional media for university survival tips. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube are valuable tools for staying connected to your peers. Keep current students informed of events, seminars, workshops and news regarding your school. Posting on blogs and forums related to your field of study will help you stay connected with alumni and current students.

Time is the most valuable survival tips you need. You can either use your time wisely or foolishly. In order to succeed, you must set aside time for studying and other activities. Limit the amount of e-mails you receive, surf the Internet and use instant messaging. Don’t multitask; fill one task at a time.

Join local, regional and community organizations. Your network of friends and alumni can provide you with valuable information about your school. Join student and faculty forums, reserve your student lounge in Student Center or create a website and Web log to showcase your school’s curriculum and services. Stay active in your school’s social networking online community.

Attend all meetings, committees and events regularly. Maintain positive student involvement and attend at least one meeting per month. Know who chairs committees, key members of campus associations and staff professionals such as deans, professors, department chairs and department managers. Find out who has the most important tasks and know what their priorities are.

Using technology and the web to your advantage will help you leverage traditional media and digital content for success. You can learn more tips for surviving the university survival tips challenge. Get your digital media strategy in place, and use these tips to stay ahead of the curve.

Student bloggers: More student media websites are being established by student bloggers. Students write blogs about campus life, student government, religion and anything they want to talk about. They do this in their free time when they’re not working or studying. They may also sell their articles to other student publications for revenue.

Social Networking Sites: Many students use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn for business purposes. Others simply join their school’s social networking website. These websites encourage students to become active online. They help you build your network of friends, engage in conversations, send invitations to events and build professional networks.

Student newspapers: The student newspaper is another invaluable tool for media exposure. Students who are passionate about a campus cause can get their newspaper started. If the school is considering launching a website, students can get it up quickly. They can publish campus events, student newspaper stories, feature stories, fundraisers and anything else students feel strongly about. They have editorial control over the content of the newspaper and they can get it online so that other students can read it online.

University survival tips suggest that you don’t give up. Technology is changing and evolving quickly. This makes it harder to keep up with what’s going on in your industry. Technology can be your ally if you embrace it, study it and use it to your advantage. You can survive the digital media onslaught.

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