This article series is about my unique survival tips for entrepreneurs. I use these every day to make money online. The ones that are in this article are from my experience as an entrepreneur and being a one’s with the big boys.

Don’t be afraid to take risks – If you don’t like taking risks, then your entire life will be a risk. There are opportunities in the market that can make you some money but are hidden from the average trader. When you find these opportunities, act fast, before someone else does, before they close them out. I had a client just recently who was buying a company in a small amount of money with no market knowledge.

Learn as much as you can: Don’t sit at home and study the markets, read books and blogs, search the web. Inventive people are the ones who find things, apply them and then make money. Don’t go into a field and know that you are an expert. Get as much information as you can on the market and from your market.

Be relentless: One thing that will prevent you from making money and any kind of business is attrition. Start out slow, work hard and never give up. As mentioned in part one, finding new niches will generate a lot of competition but this is where the money is. Find what the competition is doing and go there and do it better than them. Remember, this is how you make your money.

This unique survival tips for entrepreneurs is about being relentless. So if you have an opportunity to make more money, you should pursue it. Just because you have a warm market where people are dying to buy what you are selling doesn’t mean that opportunity is going to be easy to get into. There are plenty of marketers who are making their bread and butter on the internet. But they are not successful because they don’t take massive action every day.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are researching online opportunities is that some are much easier than others to get into. This is also true for offline opportunities. So, here are some unique survival tips for entrepreneurs that can help you get into the kinds of opportunities you want and make them real.

Don’t jump in right away: The best things in life take time to mature. It doesn’t matter if you are working on one of the easiest of opportunities. Look at someone who is already successful and research their methods. Find out how they got where they are and what they have done to get there. Then study their habits, their work flow and their daily routine.

Some of these things will take you months to figure out and it won’t be a good idea to act impulsively. If you find yourself getting excited about one of the many Internet business ideas that are available, you may want to slow down and read more about the opportunity first. This entrepreneur’s unique survival tips include taking your time when you are researching opportunities to avoid losing your money or ending up disappointed. Keep your wits about you and do the necessary research.

Invest in your future: Do not invest your entire life savings in one small business idea that doesn’t have a chance to turn a profit. You need to have multiple streams of income coming in so that you can provide for your family. This entrepreneur’s special plan for your financial future will also help you get started on the path to financial freedom.

Invest in relationships: No matter what you are doing, relationships are important. This plan includes finding ways to keep in contact with those who can make a difference in your business. These people might be your suppliers or customers or even business partners. Learn to look after relationships so that they don’t go away and you don’t need to worry about finding clients and suppliers.

This unique survival tips for this entrepreneur includes having a good balance between personal life and work life. It also includes creating a good business model so that you can start off slowly and learn all about the business before diving in. This plan also includes being consistent and building your marketing base as well as networking relationships. In addition, it requires that you be persistent because the results may take some time to show up. This entrepreneur’s guide for surviving and thriving will help you achieve all of these things.

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