Uber (and Lyft) Tipping & Etiquette

The success of Uber has ushered in the era of ride-sharing and a world where people can quickly get around without needing to walk. But what about those who are trying to do something good for their drivers? This article discusses how tipping etiquette is changing and offers some tips on how you yourself might want to tip your driver.

The “how much to tip uber driver 2022” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer is, it depends on how you feel about the service and your personal tipping etiquette.

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Taxis have practically become obsolete as a result of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. While these services are comparable to taxis, they aren’t identical, thus the etiquette norms are a bit different as well. In the realm of ride sharing, having excellent manners is even more important, since (unbeknownst to many passengers), not only do you evaluate the drivers, but the drivers also rate you.

It might be difficult to find out the right ride sharing protocol, especially if you’re a first-time or new user. Below are some etiquette suggestions to help you (and your driver) get the most out of your trip.  


Tipping is the most common concern when it comes to ride-sharing etiquette. How much do you pay your chauffeur? Both Uber and Lyft provide in-app tipping, but it’s easy to overlook it since payment is handled digitally and instantly, and the journey fades from your consciousness as soon as you exit the vehicle. Either make a point of rating and tipping your driver as soon as possible (more on that below), or have cash on hand and do it that way. It’s worth noting that even if you tip in-app, the money goes straight to the driver. Uber and Lyft do not accept any gratuities from its drivers.

Tip as you would for a typical cab journey, which is between 15-20%, with the average being closer to the higher end. The fact that in-app tipping is only available as a dollar amount with a few pre-set alternatives makes this difficult. Learn how to calculate 15-20 percent – a skill that will come in handy in other situations as well — and then choose the preset amount that corresponds to your calculation or input your own amount when requested to tip.

That’s all there is to it. Just like you would for most other services, leave a tip.

Do not make a request too soon.

Make sure you don’t make your driver wait. When you arrive at the airport, don’t ask for a vehicle while you’re still on the aircraft. If you’re in a restaurant, don’t ask for a vehicle until you’ve paid your tab. You’re wasting the driver’s time by making them wait, you’re losing money (if you make a driver wait more than two minutes, you’ll be charged a tiny price each minute), and it’s just plain rude.

You may only order a vehicle before you’re ready if you can tell that it’ll be 5-10 minutes away. You may request an early pick-up in some cases, but only by a few minutes, and only if you’re certain you’ll be ready when the vehicle arrives.

What’s the Best Place to Sit?

One of the recurring issues with ride-sharing. It is not a taxi; it is a private car. So, are there any differences in the rules? Unless you specifically want them to be. The majority of passengers sit in the rear, and your driver will expect you to do the same, particularly if you’re traveling alone. You are welcome to ride in the front seat for any reason, but it is courteous to ask first.


If you’re travelling with other people, particularly if you’re in a group of three or more, it’s quite acceptable (and probably better) for someone to take the front seat.

If you do decide to sit in the front, don’t tinker with anything – the audio, the heating/cooling system, or anything else. You’d think this would be self-evident, yet it’s one of Uber’s most common complaints.

Don’t Be a Passenger in the Backseat

Because there is less of a barrier between you and the driver than in taxis, you may be inclined to provide your thoughts on their route. Even if other drivers don’t mind, don’t do it. Sit back and enjoy the trip unless they seem to be going off the beaten path (which neither I nor anybody I know has experienced). The only time you should drive in the backseat is if you are motion sick or if you are concerned about how quickly the driver is driving. There’s nothing wrong with requesting for a slower speed and informing the driver that you’re not in a hurry.

Within Reason, don’t eat or drink in the car.

Keep in mind that these are, for the most part, people’s own automobiles. Do you want someone in your backseat eating greasy fast food or attempting to wolf down Chinese takeout? In most cases, no. Wait till you get at your location if you have food. Food, apart from being messy, smells up the vehicle, which may make for a less-than-stellar trip for the next passenger, who may offer a lower rating as a result. It’s all because of you. If at all possible, avoid doing so.

Although beverages are clearly more suitable, particularly if they have caps, you should still use extreme caution, just as you would in anybody else’s vehicle. It doesn’t imply you can be a slob just because you’re paying for the journey.

Only make small talk if you really want to.

A quiet trip might be uncomfortable, and you may feel compelled to converse with the driver in order to assure a favorable rating. However, although many (but not all) drivers like conversing, you are not obligated to do so. If you want to ride in quietness, simply twiddle on your phone or put in your earplugs and don’t feel self-conscious about it.

Even though you aren’t compelled to make small conversation with your driver, you should exchange some basic niceties while getting in and out of the car: “Hello, how are things going?” I’m on my way to X location. Thank you so much for taking me along on the journey. Etc.” Treat the driver like a person, not a machine.

Speak Up If Something Doesn’t Suit You

Speak out if the temperature isn’t correct, or if the music is too loud (or if you don’t want any music at all). The drivers are often eager to serve the client and are willing to go out of their way to do so. They clearly don’t know your tastes, so if anything makes you uncomfortable or bothers you, you must express it. And you should surely give them a 5-star review if and when they comply with your request.


Various Observations on Courtesy

Most drivers give you a 5-star rating at first and only deduct points if you do something very offensive. While not following the criteria below will not always result in you losing a star, it’s best to prevent the possibility that it could, especially because they’re just common courtesy:

  • Make an effort to keep your body clean and odor-free.
  • Before entering the car, remove any large clods of dirt from your shoes.
  • Don’t have extended, noisy phone calls.
  • Play music/games/movies on your phone at a low volume.
  • If your location is difficult to locate (for example, a particular spot inside a huge retail mall), text the driver extra precise instructions to assist them in finding you.
  • Don’t slam the doors or trunk too hard (some drivers really hate that)

Give 5-Star Ratings Without Regret

The majority of drivers offer 5-star evaluations to passengers, and you should do the same. It is very beneficial to drivers if they get high ratings. Don’t be sparing with a five-star rating if you had a fantastic experience and have no issues. Uber drivers are expected to maintain extremely good ratings, and if their score falls too low, they risk losing their job (rumors are that at Uber the number is 4.7). Now, if your experience was terrible, don’t be afraid to evaluate it as such, but in general, a 5-star journey means the driver safely transported you from point A to point B.



The “how much to tip uber driver to airport” is a question that people ask themselves when they are in the car with their Uber or Lyft driver. The answer is not easy, but it is important for your driver’s happiness and your own satisfaction.

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