“Books Direct – Real World Survival Tips” by Richard G. Lowe Jr. is a quick read with an interesting plot and realistic character descriptions. In terms of the story, it takes place in the Texas city of Mesquite in the “Dixie,” a place where many old timers still live. The author introduces us to Mike, a veteran car dealer who returns to his childhood home as a widower and proprietor of his own car lot. There he meets Jeanette, a beautiful widow who has lost her memory after being left alone in an accident. Together they begin dating, but things go awry when Mike begins to have strange experiences and Jeanette begins to slip away.

It’s a fast paced book, and although there are some sections that are predictable, the overall storyline kept me reading because it was so appealing. The characters were well drawn and brought to life; especially the most important character, Mike. I enjoyed seeing the different situations that were presented to the reader, each one bringing a new piece of information for the reader to ponder. What I really liked was that, after reading this book, I could apply these ideas and techniques to my own daily life.

What I found interesting about “Books Direct: Real World Survival Tips” was that it wasn’t set in the Mesquite of Texas, it took place in the rural surrounding areas of WV. Although I understand that the author chose the location for several reasons, I didn’t care for the setting at all. Maybe it’s just that I am used to reading thrillers set in the real world, this novel just reminded me how small and insignificant the world can be. Maybe if the story had been set in another time and place, it would have been different, but it felt like it was a little too close to reality for me.

Anyway, the book itself was a quick read and I liked the way author Amy Meyer mixed humor with informative facts and real life applications. I also really liked the blunt advice that she provided. Most people would look down on someone who was willing to listen to their advice, but Amy has her reasons for doing so. Although some of the examples that she uses are a little controversial, I believe she was trying to say that it is not always best to listen to others when it comes to life decisions.

There are so many survival tips provided in the books that I felt like each chapter was teaching something new. The book also includes a bonus section on what to do if you should become stranded in a deserted, dark, or scary area. I think this would be a good book to give to children, since most kids have probably heard a lot of the survival tips described in other books.

Another thing I thought was a good idea was that in addition to teaching readers how to survive in an emergency, the book also provided examples of what would happen if they did fail to follow the instructions that were included in the book. For example, one example in the book described a group of people who, due to misjudgments, ended up stranded with their RV and no food or water. The author showed a picture of the group with a sign on the door saying “We’ve Had No Water, No Food, No Electric.” This would be a good book for families with children to read to teach children what would happen if something like this happened.

While reading the book, I also got to learn about other ways that Amy Meyer helped those in need by offering fundraising services. One chapter in the book described how she had worked with the local food pantry to start a food bank. Through this service, people got a lot of food and materials that they could use to survive until help arrived. The book also contained a financial donation page which encouraged readers to donate money to the food bank instead of just relying on the government to provide them with food.

These are just two of the many things that were discussed in the book. It was interesting to see how Amy Meyer learned to deal with the many crises that are faced daily. It was also inspiring to see the ways how some people dealt with disasters that they knew nothing about. Although it is a fiction book, you still needed to know what was going on when reading this type of book. This is one of the best survival books out there that you can purchase and read because of its realistic way of telling the story.

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