What are the terrible twos? These are the twins, you never want to see again. These two kids, who just started school, have already established themselves as “bad boys.” They skip school, they don’t follow rules, and they get into all kinds of trouble. Their parents, exhausted and worried, have had no choice but to deal with these two–and hope they don’t grow into serious problems. Here is a survival guide for parents of these youngsters:

Avoid getting dragged into the fight: When these two were babies, their parents sat them down, put them to bed, and played with them. They were so delightful, so perfect, that it was hard to resist slapping them across the face or saying, “No!” They would not stop screaming at that point. If you do decide to drag your children into an argument, make sure you do it after they have been pacified. Otherwise, it can turn into a shouting match that will put your children in a bad mood, making the fighting much worse.

Do not give in to the terrible twos. Once upon a time, a couple got into a fight after which the woman bit off the man’s ear. The man, humiliated and furious, went to the hospital in an attempt to get his ear fixed. During the first procedure, the man spit up several times, and the doctors–having seen this before–thought it was a sign that he would go crazy and set about removing his ear again.

Don’t forget about the diet. Bad eating habits are one of the major causes of twos syndrome. You need to take a strict nutritional diet, and make sure your child gets plenty of fruits and vegetables. Twos are prone to developing Type Two diabetes later in life, so you need to make sure they are getting enough vitamins. Even if the two’s diet is adhered to, however, the chances of them developing Type Two diabetes are still high.

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In extreme cases, the twos can go on to develop split lips. This condition is known as “lips malignancy” and can be extremely dangerous. If the two’s lips start to ulcerate, they may have a chance of coming apart and falling off their faces. In some severe cases, the afflicted twins may need to be taken to the emergency room for treatment.

Do not neglect trying to get to grips with the twins’ behavior. Many behaviors displayed by the twos sometimes mirror symptoms of other diseases. For example, the twins may both be highly self-consumed, spending unsupervised hours at restaurants and buying large amounts of food. If both twos are eating the same foods, and it is not causing any problem, then there is nothing to worry about. However, when they are diverting energy away from each other, going off track, or otherwise acting out of character, then it may be time to speak up and find out exactly what is going on.

The two’s diet should include an increased amount of fiber, because this helps the digestive system to work better. There should also be a cut back on fat and saturated fat, which the body will then put down for energy. The intake of calcium should be increased as well, to help promote strong bones. There are many other dietary suggestions available on the internet, if needed.

For the twos who are concerned that they may be experiencing the terrible twos syndrome, the best advice is just to relax. If you are stressed out too much, the stress will show through in your actions, and that can be counterproductive. Find something that will relieve your stress, whether that be a massage from a hot bath, or even some simple exercise. Also, the twos should not stop exercising, since exercise is very important for healthy muscles, bones, and the overall health. If the twos can just relax a little bit more, the less stress they will experience, which means they will have a better chance of keeping their two’s running at a good low, level.

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