“When Friends reunite” is the first episode of season six. Kate has a difficult time dealing with the fact that her best friend is now going out with a man she doesn’t love. Rachel goes off with her sorority sister, Alexa. Phoebe decides to move in with David, but finds that he has feelings for her as well. Lauren cannot believe that Rachel went out with a guy; she tries to cheer her up. Unfortunately, things don’t go as well as Lauren had hoped when Rachel discovers her father had an affair with a co-worker.

The reunion is not without its difficulties. There are many factors that contribute to this situation. The show runner often has a hand in how these scenes play out. I will give you an idea of the factors that might be involved here.

Season six featured four separate episodes that took a very specific theme. The theme was mom related to the character of Ross. Therefore, the episodes were designed around issues related to Ross’ mom and the characters who supported her. This was not a new trend, but the showrunners have since returned to the style which is common for seasons seven and eight.

When Friends reunites, Phoebe is worried about the fate of Ross and Emily. Rachel tries to encourage her to be patient because Ross is a part of their group now and will not likely be forgotten so easily. Lauren thinks about the tension between her and Phoebe in their previous relationship. Ross also makes a revelation about his mom and how she knew about his affair. Rachel consoles Lauren about her recent loss and expresses her desire for a happy future with her ex. Ross also expresses his desire to be with Rachel again, but Lauren knows he will never find her again.

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All of this conflict can lead to one scene that would seem to address the issue of long-term friendship versus temporary happiness. Rachel’s reaction to Ross and Emily’s reuniting is to run out of the house at all costs. Lauren’s reaction is that life doesn’t stop just because you’re in a romantic relationship. Phoebe also makes a comment about how life moves at a slow pace, but it seems as though her need to see everyone react positively to the fact they’re all back together will prevent this scenario from playing out too many times.

The final scene of the episode offers a look at what will happen between Ross and Rachel if they reunite. The two seem to have made up after the events of the previous episode, but Ross obviously still has feelings for Rachel. The writers give us some hints as to where they might go next: Ross may continue to try and win Rachel back, or he might move on. We also see Lauren and Phoebe bonding over their past experiences together, so this may indicate that the two characters will reunite soon.

The writers do offer some insight into the reasons behind Ross’ attitude and decision to leave. We already saw how he felt guilty for breaking up with Rachel in the previous episode. In an effort to make up for it, Ross decides to tell his mother she’s wrong for dumping him. His mom sends him off to meet Rachel, but he doesn’t return right away, nor does he tell Rachel he plans to meet her. Rachel then calls Ross and finds out he’s been going to her house all day, and is about to go on a date with her. This prompts Ross to finally meet Rachel, and it looks like things are getting better between them.

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All of these factors combine to make this a very happy and heartfelt episode of television. The way the characters react to Ross and Rachel’s reuniting is heartwarming. The chemistry between the actors as well as the way the showrunners handle the tension between the characters is seamless. The way the show wraps up is also pleasing. All in all, this was an exciting episode of television that managed to capture the heart and shine a light on the various characters we come across in our daily lives. It was a smart move by the showrunner to give us a resolution to a long-running storyline and make us care about what happens to Ross and Rachel in the next episode.

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