Bob Podesta is the Senior Director of SSE, or Services for Simplified Systems. This means that he is in charge of all things information technology to include software development. He also is a senior member of the think tank The Forum. Before working in the information technology field, he worked as an attorney and counselor in the New York State Department. He also served as communications director and press secretary for the State Department.

He is considered an Expertise Lead for Software Development for SAP and ERP. As such, his knowledge of these systems is invaluable to those in the industry. These are some of the ten attributes that make him an Expertise Lead for SAP and ERP. He explains these as follows:

He is detail oriented. He is detail conscious in all things. From the smallest detail to the largest, he is always asking questions and making notes. Whether it is speaking with a prospective client or providing training for his team, he is always clear about what he wants. He is willing to listen to any question or concern that he may have. He is open to change.

He sees things in a practical manner. Whether he is speaking to one of his clients or discussing a potential new project with his team, he keeps his eyes on the goal. He isn’t wasting time on small details. He is focused and knows exactly what he wants to get out of the interaction. As such, he comes across as being 100% interested in the outcome of everything that he does.

He is innovative. Podesta is a business owner. As such, he has been involved in many different innovations, some of which have become the industry standard. To put it simply, he has thought outside of the box. He is an innovator and thinks outside of the box when it comes to business practices and customer requirements.

Bob is positive. There is not a single negative comment on his resume about him being a negative personality. In fact, he is so positive that he even writes articles to convince people that he is positive. He clearly loves his job and loves his family – more importantly, he loves being a part of the political scene in Washington, DC. That is not hyperbole – he is quite proud of his position.

He is involved. Bob knows that business must take place within a framework of politics. Therefore, he looks to the world of politics as a place to grow and expand. Additionally, he puts a tremendous amount of effort into his networking efforts and gives a great deal of his time and focus to those he considers to be close friends. He is one of the most connected businessmen in America – which makes him number one on our list of the top ten best business consultants.

These are only a few of Bob’s top ten qualities. If you have a chance to look at his resume, you will quickly understand why he is ranked at the top of this list. If you haven’t seen his resume, you are truly missing out. Take the time to check it out. You won’t regret it. Bob is a top notch business consultant who truly deserves the top rank.

He is very much a team player. Podesta understands that each member of his organization must work effectively together in order for the business to operate. To that end, he puts a tremendous amount of trust and attention into each member of his staff. This includes his executive team – all the people who run his company from the top down.

He has an extensive network of contacts. Bob uses his contacts to help him find new clients and help them decide whether or not they are the right ones. His contacts are a crucial part of his growth. The top ten trait that he possesses is being involved. He knows how important it is to make the most of every opportunity that comes his way.

Finally, he wants to make sure that he is leaving his mark. That’s why he puts so much emphasis into his appearance. He takes care to dress well, to go out in style, and to be on time. He wants to be remembered as someone who was successful and popular. Bob has achieved top work in his industry and is well on his way to achieving even more.

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