If you have been camping for any length of time, then you have probably heard of some of the top ten survival tips that you should know before heading out on your next camping trip. While these tips are extremely useful and can make anyone a hero on the trail, there are also other things that you can do to prepare for the worst and to keep your life from being ruined in even the most dire of situations. With a little preparation, you can ensure that you will have a pleasurable experience and not one of the many fatal injuries that are so common when people go hiking.

The first thing that you should be prepared for is the weather. While we all know that it can be nice and calm at times, nature can be kind enough to give us bad weather just like it does at times. Rain, snow, and worse can fall on any given day and it can be difficult to keep your body protected if you are not prepared. You should know what types of clothing and gear you should bring and what specific items of clothing that you should leave behind. This will help you make sure that you are prepared for any type of weather.

Another one of the top ten survival tips that anyone can follow is to stay hydrated. Your body needs water to survive and you will find that staying properly hydrated can make or break your experience. While you might be tempted to drink as much water as possible in an attempt to stay hydrated, this is not a good idea. You are more likely to become dehydrated than to survive and the wind and rain can quickly cause you to lose much needed water.

Another top ten survival tips is that you should never walk through a stream. Even when you have to, it is better to avoid it completely. Streams carry all kinds of harmful toxins that can cause you to become sick and even end up killing you. Always keep in mind that streams are known for being dangerous. They are also known for being very long and even deep.

Another one of the top ten survival tips that anyone can follow is that you should never be alone. You might think that this is obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people do not follow this one. If you are hiking through a forest or other wild areas and encounter a dangerous situation, you will want to stay as safe as you can. You do not need to do anything stupid such as walking into a river to try to stay safe.

A very important part of the top ten survival tips is to eat properly. You will not be able to carry much if you starve yourself. If you are traveling on foot or by bike, you will need food to keep you going. The fastest way to lose weight is to eat more often, which is one of the reasons why eating in public is against the law.

Other than these, there are other survival tips out there that anyone can take advantage of. Of course the first thing is to always be safe. When you are hiking in a wilderness area, you will want to watch out for bears or other dangerous animals. This is a very common reason why someone ends up in the hospital. Even if you are safe in your own back yard, it is still best to be vigilant about animals.

In summary, the top ten survival tips for hikers are to always be safe and prepare ahead of time. If you are a hiker who loves the outdoors and enjoys being alone, prepare ahead of time for emergencies such as accidents. You will also want to have as much food and water as possible, so always have plenty of this with you. If you follow these and other tips, you will have many happy years of great adventures ahead of you, and you will never regret having made the decision to go hiking.

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