These Top 10 tips to survive a civil war should be able to guide you in surviving this time of strife. This period is one that is remembered today as the greatest battle between the powers of good and evil. Although there are those who wish to bring back the past, others wish to prevent history from repeating itself. This war did not occur overnight, and it is important to understand that although the outcome can be decided at the blink of an eye, the actual struggle for survival will last for months and perhaps even years. No amount of military tricks or high-tech weapons will help if you are unprepared for what is to come. Thus, you should learn how to survive the civil war.

First, as important as food and shelter is, clothing is also vital. You should know that the winter is the wintryest. Therefore, you should dress warmly even when it is cold outside. During this winter, it is extremely important that you protect yourself from the elements by wrapping yourself in layers of clothing.

Second, never ever surrender. If you are taken captive, the captors would kill you. This is a battle you cannot afford to lose, so always fight to the death. Do not surrender, and do everything possible to fight back. Remember, there would always be a few who would try to escape, so always stay strong and determined.

Third, always carry a whistle and a light. The whistle would allow you to communicate with others and warn them of an impending attack. The light will allow you to identify your attacker. Having these two important tools, you would be able to escape before the chaos starts.

Fourth, keep hydrated. During a civil war, you would need to keep yourself and your comrades well-hydrated. Even though water is scarce during combat, conserve what you can. You will also need to eat often, especially since food can become scarce. By eating healthy, you can increase your stamina and stay in good shape.

Fifth, avoid being caught out. War can be a dangerous time. One wrong move could cost you your life. One way to stay safe is to stay away from the battle as much as you can. If you must go to the battle, make sure you wear a uniform and carry your guns. Doing these small things can keep you from getting caught out.

Sixth, protect you from extreme temperatures. Extreme temperatures can be deadly, so it is important that you stay protected from the sun’s damaging rays. You should wear sunscreen and a hat, especially if you are going to be out in the open. Also, wear lightweight gloves so that you won’t feel clumsy in case of a fall or hit.

The top ten tips to survive a civil war include making sure you have water, food, shelter, and safety. If you don’t have any of those, you should consider asking for assistance. Remember, it would be wise to have a friend or relative with you throughout the war, just in case. In addition to this, it would be wise to seek out a medical doctor as soon as possible should you find yourself injured.

Seventh, it is important that you protect yourself from extreme cold and harsh weather. You should always make sure you carry an extra pair of winter gloves and some warm clothes, since it can be difficult to get through the winter. Similarly, carrying an extra blanket or rug will help keep the winter chill from messing with your nerves. It is also important that you do not spend too much time indoors because of the cold and the storms. Take a walk, even if only to find a nice patch of green grass and take a few deep breaths.

The final tip is to always be prepared. This means that you should gather any weapons and ammunition that you think you may need, so you won’t have to scavenge through everything when an emergency arises. It would also be wise to collect food supplies and bandages so that you can treat wounds when necessary. Even the smallest injury can turn into a big problem, so it is imperative that you are equipped and ready to handle situations that arise.

If you incorporate these top ten tips to survive a civil war, you will have a much better chance of surviving the experience. However, it would still be prudent to carry out your own survival training so that you can be better prepared for these times in the future. In the end, even though you will survive the battle, you might lose the war, so be prepared to have your life completely change. Now would be a great time to start looking for a good survival training manual.

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