So, you’re in for a challenging and rewarding year as you gear up for the coming year and look to make it online. While many people say that the most important thing for SEO survival is to have a great website, I disagree. What is more important to a company or business is having a marketing plan that works. Hopefully, these top 10 tips for SEO survival in 2021 will help you get started and keep you on track.

Be persistent – There are two types of SEO marketing. There are long-term SEO strategies that require months or even years of work. You must be willing to put forth this type of effort, if you hope to see any long-term success. If you think you can just put in a few hours here and there, you’re wrong. It takes much more than that to get visible results that last. You need to make sure you’re always ready and willing to do whatever it takes.

Develop a strategy – If you haven’t already done so, start developing your strategy now. Know what you want to accomplish with your site and what you plan to do to get there. This is especially important if you don’t yet have any sort of presence on the web. You need to develop a plan and follow through with it. Otherwise, if you start to see results, you’ll be too proud to maintain your pace or even move forward with it.

Be consistent – It’s very important to follow your SEO plan to the letter. Don’t switch around, don’t slack off and don’t ignore any traffic signals or reviews. Keep working on your plan and you’ll see great results. If you take your job seriously, you’ll see even more success as the year moves along.

Be aware of the changes – The world of search engines is ever changing. They are always making their algorithms more complicated so they can detect and index websites better. Don’t get left behind, be informed and be prepared to keep your website up to date. If you want to be able to rank for certain keywords that will be appearing in search engines, be sure to test those keywords on a regular basis to ensure you aren’t losing your ranking points because you weren’t keeping track of changes. Always stay on top of new trends and updates and you’ll soon find yourself among the top SEO marketers online.

Build links – If you want to make sure you’re getting noticed, start building some links to your site. Put some banners up online, put some ads online. If you have the money to invest, hire someone to create a website for you. Whatever you do, start building some links to your website and you’ll find that others will want to link to you as well.

Update your code regularly – If you want to ensure your SEO survival, make sure you check the code of your website regularly. Many search engines are continually looking for new and better techniques and functions that they can use to index and rank websites. The more code changes and updates you make, the more chance you’ll have that your website will be indexed and ranked by the major search engines.

Take it one step at a time – Don’t try and do everything at once. Some strategies may work for a day or two, but if you try and implement every single strategy to perfection, you’re probably going to end up frustrated and upset at your results. You’ll only be putting so much into each strategy, and if you try and implement everything, you’re not going to see much improvement. Keep it simple and effective, and keep those top 10 tips for SEO survival in mind.

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