Tips & Tricks: How To Dominate In Arm Wrestling

This is a guide on how to dominate in armwrestling.

The “tips chart” is a simple chart that shows the various tips and tricks to dominate in arm wrestling.

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The contest of arm wrestling. It’s one of those macho feats of strength that every guy will have to confront at some point in his life. You never know when you’ll be called upon to demonstrate your male power, so keep your elbow on the table at all times. Contrary to common opinion, you don’t need cannon balls for your biceps or forearms to succeed at arm wrestling, however they do assist a lot. You can defeat a stronger opponent in arm wrestling with a little skill, a dash of speed, and a little strategery. We’ll teach you tactics and training ideas handed down from old arm wrestling champions in this post, so the next time someone dares you to a bout, you’ll be able to smash his hand to the table.

Techniques for Arm Wrestling

The top-roll and the hook are two moves that, when combined with a great finish, make you nearly invincible in the arm wrestling ring. Now, like an arm wrestling ninja, your deployment of these techniques should be quick and flawless.


The most successful arm wrestling technique is the top-roll. Top-rolling transforms arm wrestling from a battle of biceps and forearms to a battle of hand, finger, and wrist dexterity. Working your hand up your opponent’s palm is the secret to top-rolling. Your aim is to wrap your hand around the top portion of his while he holds the bottom half of yours. You must begin as soon as you hear the word “go” in order to be considered for this role. To push your opponent’s hand away from his body, pull your hand towards you. This will wreak havoc on his leverage while increasing yours. Hopefully, you’ll start to sense your opponent’s grasp slipping. Start shifting your grasp higher up on his hand as soon as you detect this. Continue repeating this until you’re as high as you can go on his hand. You’ll be ready to finish as soon as you get to this stage.

The Hook

The hook is straightforward and may be used alone or in conjunction with the top-roll. The hook’s purpose is to pull your opponent’s hand back, giving you more strength and leverage. As soon as you hear “Go!” pull your opponent’s hand back and twist your wrist towards you to expose his wrist. You’re ready to finish when you have him in this position.

A man doing arm wrestling with soldier.

Arm wrestling will decide the outcome of future conflicts.

Put an end to him!

Finishing off your opponent might be the most difficult element of arm wrestling. Before letting you smash his hand to the table, a guy will strive to squeeze every last drop of juice from his meathooks. Arm wrestling battles sometimes deteriorate into a lengthy standoff, with one guy’s hand lingering over the table and the other man summoning all of his forearm power to seal the deal. Here’s how to stay out of trouble:


Rotate your body so that your shoulder is in line with the direction you want your arm to move when you’re ready to end your opponent. This will enable you to use part of your body weight and rely on your much stronger shoulder muscles. Unless your opponent has superhuman power, he will struggle to avoid defeat.

I’d want to emphasize how critical it is to deploy these strategies swiftly and smoothly. It’s best if your opponent has as little time as possible to reply. This will need a lot of practice and maybe a lot of losses. Arm wrestle your 11-year-old nephew to get the technique down if your ego can’t handle it. Of course, we’ll mock you for having to arm wrestle a prepubescent child with sticks for arms because you’re not manly enough to accept defeat graciously. Which leads us to….

Losing Gracefully

You are confronted with a challenge, you accept it, and you lose. Don’t be concerned. It occurs to the most well-intentioned among us. Recognize that your ability to arm wrestle isn’t a sign of manliness. Give a “ah shucks,” shake your opponent’s hard hand, pat him on the back, and tell him nice work and that you’ll want a rematch when you’ve completed the Charles Atlas program with a lovely grin. Don’t be the man who bases his whole masculinity on an arm wrestling battle and then tries to redeem himself by displaying ludicrous masculinity after losing. Swearing, drinking alcohol, requesting rematches, calling people names, and so on. That man is a complete jerk.

Also, if you’re going to lose, don’t be the guy who cocks his hand, making it almost hard for the other player to conclude the match, leaving you both stuck in the same position for the next five minutes. The jig is up, and all you’re doing now is postponing the inevitable. If your goose is cooked, just look at your opponent, nod, and accept defeat graciously. Next time, you’ll catch him.

Arm Wrestling Strength Training

Doing a lot of arm wrestling is the greatest method to develop your muscles to kick ass in arm wrestling. Your pals, on the other hand, are likely to weary of you constantly inviting them to arm wrestle. When you’re alone, here are some creative methods to strengthen your arm.

Arcade Machines for Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling arcade game.

Do you recall what happened? At the Chuck E. Cheese’s where I used to go as a child, they had one. In essence, you’re arm wrestling a robot. You’ll get a good workout attempting to pin the robot arm to the table since these things have hydraulics on their side. I haven’t seen many of these devices in recent years. It might be because three people’s arms were broken by a Japanese version of the gadget. Ouch!


The Arm Wrestling Machine of Neil Lewis

Neil Lewis arm wrestling machine illustration.

This ingenious invention was discovered on Old Time Strongman (a site everyone should definitely check out). It’s a really straightforward device. Simply place weight on one end of the lever and begin pounding out repetitions that resemble arm wrestling. It’s quite awesome. It’s a pity the Neil Lewis Arm Wrestling Machine is no longer available. Fortunately, The Terminator, a contemporary incaranton of this classic strongman contraption, exists.

This video of an ingenious guy who built his own Neil Lewis Arm Wrestling Machine at home caught my eye. It seems to be simple to put together on your own.


The Big Rig Weight Machine by Lincoln Hawk

Sylvester Stalone gif.

Over the Top, a 1987 Sylvester Stallone film, is a great place to start if you’re searching for some motivation for your next arm wrestling fight. Yes, arm wrestling is the subject of a whole film. Isn’t it amazing? Stallone portrays Lincoln Hawk, a poor trucker who makes extra money by arm wrestling. After his wife’s death, he attempts to make peace with his son, whom he abandoned years before. His son doesn’t think much of Hawk after their first encounter. But, during the course of the movie, he warms up to his father, and the two create a wonderful father-son bond. A poignant father-son tale and arm wrestling What more could you want from a film?

The weight lifting equipment Hawk has built up in his big truck so he can train his arm wrestling arm while driving is one of the best things I recall from this video. That is a guy who is completely committed to his sport. My kudos to anybody who has managed to recreate this in real life. I’d want to see a picture of it.

Arm Wrestling Exercises

If you can’t get your hands on one of these fascinating contraptions, there are lots of workouts you can perform at home or at the gym to improve your arm wrestling strength. A wrestler’s forearms, biceps, and triceps must all be strengthened. Hand grippers may aid in the development of finger and hand strength. Forearms are worked using wrist curls. Curls with a dumbbell train your biceps. Tricep press downs will help you build triceps strength.

Some Ideas for Arm Wrestling

So you’ve mastered the skill, learnt to lose graciously, and figured out how to prepare for your next arm wrestling battle. We’ll leave you with the last sequence from the finest and only film on arm wrestling, Over the Top, to get you ready for your next match. Take note of how Hawk ultimately defeats his opponent by using the top roll. As you can see, it worked in the movie, and it will work for you as well. Enjoy yourself, then go out and show someone’s foreman who’s boss.




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