Tips Sandiaga Uno Bagi UMKM gives a number of practical tips for the first time traveller to survive in the country. The book is full of clear, concise instructions that are easy to understand and implement. The main aim of this cookery guide is to provide the basics required by first time travellers to learn how to cook. It also teaches about local food and drinks, sanitation and basic equipment.

The first part of the book covers equipment requirements. This section provides information on using household utensils such as a chopstick and a spoon for general cooking purposes and using cups and saucers for more delicate dishes. You will also learn about using bamboo steamer for steamed foods. Next on the list of useful equipment is a dauber, which is used for removing turmeric powder from any spice or mix. Other sections include a selection of household utensils, local drinks and condiments (sambal, ketchup, chutney, etc) as well as dry fruits (candy, mangoes, watermelon, etc).

After that, the next part in Tips Sandiaga Uno Bagi U MKM is about preparing your first meal in a tent. It contains useful information such as choosing the right food and utensils (the ones you eat with or without your hand), the preparation of your first course (salad or dinner), preparing condiments and beverages, serving, and a recipe for a sweet that is made from lebih. The recipes for drinks and condiments are very different from the ones for vegetables. The recipes for desserts are very different from the others. It is therefore important to understand the difference before you start cooking.

At the end of this short segment, there is a short chapter about emergency preparedness. This includes preparing your kit for emergencies such as a first aid kit and a portable stove. If you are a newcomer to the Tentovski leech, this chapter will give you useful tips to help you prepare your food in a quick way without having to wait for whole meals. There is also a section on how to cook with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, butter and salt. The tips for stewing and cooking meat are also useful. The chapter also gives you handy tips for eating while sitting as well as standing.

Next is the second part on tent camping. Here Sandiaga gives you tips for building a tarp for your shelter. After setting up your shelter, you should start making food to survive. Here, there is a short chapter about dehydrated food that includes instructions for making yams, cassava and plantains. The other foods that are useful include tofu, coconut milk, nuts, vegetables, lentils, chickpeas, black beans and bulgur.

The third section of the book contains three recipes that are useful for travelers who camp outside. These recipes are curry, kebabs and kebodun. You can use coconut milk for the curry and use fish sauce for the kebodun. In the curry recipe, you need onions, garlic, coriander seeds, salt and turmeric powder. You can find the ingredients in any local Asian store or supermarket.

The fourth part on the Tips Sandiaga Uno Bagi UMKM survival kit for beginners is about assembling a fire. You should have all the equipment for this like a kettle, fork and spoon. After preparing all these materials, you should heat water in a saucepan. Then, add sugar or brown sugar depending on what you like. Add coconut milk if you want to make a luscious sauce.

The fifth tip that you should know in preparing this dish is the preparation of the meat. In this particular recipe, chicken or pork is preferred but you can substitute it with fish or pork if you prefer it. You will also need the sauce ingredients i.e. turmeric, onions, garlic and coriander powders.

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