Waiting During the Holidays: Holiday Stress! No wonder Christians tend to be so stressed out this time of year. Some people say it’s because of the church, but really, it’s because of everything else going on in their lives. The holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing, not filled with stress and confusion. Here are some Christian Adoption waiting tips that may help.

* Relax. Even though you have a family member or two that join in your waiting, you may want to just take it all in on yourself. Yes, it’s very easy to let others know how you’re feeling, but don’t do it! It will only make things worse.

* Give children a chance to be with their families. Don’t always insist that they come right away when you bring them home from the hospital or the doctors’ office. Give them some space and let them make some friends of their own for awhile. You’ll find that it is not only less stressing, but also more fun to have their company. And no one is ‘better’ at handling children than others. This includes your relatives and friends.

* Give kids room to talk. Sometimes talking with their toys and other belongings can be more helpful than crying their feelings out. When you do this, though, make sure you have a quiet place, preferably outside. If you have a tv or radio, turn it off and keep the television nearby for younger children especially. Remember that you want them to talk and learn, but also to be entertained.

* Be mindful of your own behavior. Yes, you may be stressed because of the children, but there may also be some reason that you are particularly stressed. There may be an event or occasion where you are simply not feeling well.

* Be kind when answering children’s questions or helping them with their projects. Children are especially vulnerable when their parents are grumpy and upset. You may be tempted to avoid helping them, but this is not a good idea. Instead, smile and ask the child’s name. Then offer to take care of their project until their parents return. This can help the child feel more secure about their own feelings and situation.

* Give children some privacy. Even though everyone is busy with the festivities of the holidays, this doesn’t mean that they should be without company or free from the intrusion of other people. If the children are at school, call ahead to let the teacher know if anyone is coming. If there is a party at another location, let the adults know so that they can prepare in advance. The children may be especially embarrassed when their parents are grumpy, so it is important that they know there will be adults around to help them through the difficult times.

It is not easy dealing with the wait for the holidays. However, if you look out for your family and make sure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves, your wait will be much shorter than usual. Your family will be healthier, and you will have the opportunity to spend more quality time with your loved ones. So, don’t forget to keep these simple suggestions in mind during your wait for the holidays!

* Give each person their own small gift. Even though everyone has something to give, it is especially important that each family member receive a special present. This can be anything from a video of the family’s favorite holiday movie to a photo frame or other special item that will remind them of the special time they spent together. This will help them to remember this time in your family even after the holidays are over.

* Have some fun! There is nothing worse than finding that someone’s family photos are missing from their home. To save a smile on everyone’s face and to encourage children to talk about their holidays, have each family member make a craft. When the children are done with their creations, have each child give one to their family member as a Christmas present.

* Avoid arguing. Waiting for the holidays can be very frustrating. Everyone is trying to accomplish their duties, children are more than willing to do theirs, and everyone feels guilty about missing the holidays. All families should learn to put Christmas on the calendar and be grateful that they have a chance to share the joy together. If fighting is an issue, try to avoid arguing with children during the holiday season. Instead, talk about important matters such as birthdays, the new baby in the family, or anything else that is important to you and your family.

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