Tips for teaching the Wilderness Survival merit badge instruct students on how to survive in the wilderness. The knowledge gained is invaluable and will be very useful to anyone who finds themselves outdoors or in a survival situation. Survival training can be taught using many different approaches. Here are just some of the many practical tips offered:

A good place to begin with any class is talking. Make sure you engage your students in an active way. This will help them to see you as a real person and not just an instructor. By teaching them to ask questions, you will have taught them how to “interview” and gain more knowledge than simply reading a book. Try to keep your lessons short – usually about 20 minutes – because long conversations tend to bore students and they stop listening.

Tips for teaching the wilderness survival merit badge include being prepared to handle emergency situations and providing aid where it is needed. One of the best tips is to be able to identify a body of water and how to use it effectively. Another important tip is to be familiar with all the compass directions and datum meters (pieces of equipment that measure latitude and longitude).

A survivalist should not wait for conditions to improve before he or she packs up and heads out into the wild. Pack two extra pair of clothes, footwear, waterproof matches, a knife, and duct tape. Other items should be brought but not required. These items will be utilized if an emergency situation should arise. The following survival skills should also be mastered: food and water, CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) for life-saving, building a fire, first aid, swimming, mountain climbing, and other sports-type activities.

Many people get caught up in teaching others wilderness survival skills without spending time in the wilderness themselves. This is a mistake as wilderness survival is not complicated. In fact, it can be accomplished within a few hours. Begin by learning what to do in an emergency situation. Teach them to identify a body of water, how to boil water, use a compass, and how to cook a meal.

It is important for a survivalist to have a lot of confidence in himself or herself. It is also important to believe in one’s own self-worth. This is especially important when teaching others these survival skills. It can help to practice these skills with a family member or friend. Practice should be supervised. Doing this with an adult will help the child to learn these skills more quickly.

In most states it is illegal to teach someone without proper training and qualifications. Most states require that any wilderness survival training must be done in an authorized facility that meets the requirements of the state. These centers will provide all the necessary equipment and information to students. If the student cannot find the location or does not have the equipment needed, he or she may be able to rent it from these centers.

Tips for teaching the wilderness survival merit badge are quite simple. Anyone can do it if they take the time to learn and practice. Survival skills are not difficult to learn but it takes time and patience to practice in an open field. The best teachers make sure that their students understand these skills thoroughly before taking them on a hike or two.

When teaching the wilderness survival skills to a child, it is important that he or she does it with a parent close by. Learning alone can often times result in confusion or distraction. The best way to help a child learn wilderness survival is to put him or her in the middle of a real situation and let them help out. Even when in the middle of a real dangerous situation, the child will not panic as long as he or she has a parent close by to help out.

There are a few additional tips for teaching the wilderness survival skills to children as well. Some of these tips include having food and water available in the event that food and water are not found in the immediate area. This can help to keep a child calm and more alert during the wilderness survival situation. Having a map that shows all the way back to the safety of the area is also helpful.

In order to teach the wilderness survival skills to a child, it is best to get an adult to join the group. An adult can act as a role model and the child will be able to ask questions about anything that he or she may be unsure about. It may take some time for an adult to get used to working in the wilderness but it is important that he or she does get used to it. Once an adult becomes comfortable with working in the wilderness survival kit, the child may be able to go along on his or her own for a few days.

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