If you are in the process of preparing to enter the armed forces, you may find yourself searching for survival tips for military boot camp. It’s a grueling four-week course that takes men and women from the beginning of basic training until the end of the second week of Basic Surgical Specialist School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. The process can be physically and emotionally draining, and leaves many individuals with physical and psychological scars that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Survival training is part of the standard induction process, but it is also vital to the success of the first deployment.

At the start of every deployment there is a mandatory morale or aptitude test. This test is given by a panel of trained professionals called the ROTC (Reservist Training Officers) and consists of fifty questions that cover everything from how to get started in the military to your daily behavior and personal hygiene. These tests can be the single most important factor that lowers a person’s chance of being accepted into the boot camp of their choice. While the answers on this exam may seem simple, it is a vital part of the entire process of induction.

The second week begins with the Physical Fitness Test or PT Test. This one is pretty self explanatory. The purpose of this section is to check to see that you have kept up with the rigorous training and exercises that you have undergone during your initial training courses. There is no room here for mistakes or miscalculations as the results of this section are immediate. This section is also administered by the first week’s Drill sergeants and consists of a running time trial.

During the first week of the course, you will be grouped either with fellow recruits who have proven through their performances in combat to have an ability to work under pressure, or you will be paired up with another cadet to compete in a battle-type scenario. Whoever comes out on top will be given a pat on the back, a medal, and the respect of the rest of the campers for their performance. If you emerge the victor, then you will move onto the second week and continue to fight until the end.

The second week kicks off with the Pistol Agility and Pistol Shooting drills. Here, you will learn how to handle your gun properly and how to aim at your targets from a safe distance. These techniques are vital to survival in combat and will come in handy many times when you are out in the field. Also, your goal here is to increase your physical endurance. The Pistol Officers will demonstrate their knowledge of proper procedures and commands in an actual life situation.

The third week brings the Third Company Drill. This drill is similar to the first week’s drill, but in this session, the company drill sergeants will be split up into teams and you have to help them establish a base. You will then go about practicing how to do individual tasks without your fellow drill sergeants. This part will include building communication among your team members.

After the third week, you will be assessed for your survival readiness. This assessment focuses on your mental and physical abilities. You will have to survive a couple of survival scenarios under difficult conditions under the supervision of a senior officer. This will put you on your way to achieving your survival training and seeing you become a part of the military’s elite force.

Military survival training cannot be completed without the support of your fellow comrades. If one of you falter, the other two will step up to the plate and complete the task assigned to them. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you are always looking out for your own safety. With proper planning and execution, you can certainly survive military boot camp and emerge a much better soldier than the last.

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