Tips For Surviving Early Access From Ark Survival Evolveds Lead Designer

So, you survived the update that Ark: Survival Evolved introduced – well, kind of. But how can you keep coming back for more? And why should I even bother playing this game in the first place? I’m here to tell you about my five tips for surviving Early Access, as well as a few things I found while playing the game (and wow, did I find a lot! ). tips-for-surviving-early-access-from-ark-survival-evolveds-lead-designer These tips may not seem like much… for example, “fight for your team”, which is pretty obvious. But Ark: Survival Evolved has a special system in place that actually encourages you to fight for your team. It’s likeMOBA, but on a smaller scale. It encourages you to work together, and when you’re down on your luck, it encourages you to band together and get some help. Plus, fighting in ARK: Survival Evolved won’t kill you very fast, so it’s not like… “you’re going to die now”, but it will motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals. So, let’s talk about the first tip. That one is pretty simple, right? Don’t go off and do crazy things. You know, spamming your character’s every so often, or buying potions that have no effect on you at all? Well, I don’t recommend either of those. You need to build up your health, attack power, endurance, etc, so you’ll be less likely to get killed quickly. So what are some good strategies for building up your health, stamina, and overall attack power? First, make sure to grab any health consumables you can find, such as health potions, healing bandages, and the like. It won’t be worth it to run out of these as soon as you see an enemy, as they can be a big help. Plus, when you get a new character, you get a free energy pack. Get as many of these as you can, or craft them – they really should last you a while. Focus on using your attacks, a lot. Ark: Survival Evolved has a pretty balanced attack system, which makes it easy to level up. Each individual attack will do over a certain amount of damage, which can be further improved by using the Stomp ability, which will cause your character to stomp their foot on the ground and make them vulnerable. Focus on using these attacks, and work on improving your Stomps’ damage and accuracy. As you get more advanced, you can turn this into a secondary skill and use it to your advantage. When it comes to defense, focus on staying alive. Ark: Survival Evolved’s enemies do a lot more damage in one shot than other games, so you need to take cover and heal often. However, the more dangerous creatures (like the big enemy below) are very hard to reach, so keep that in mind. If you’re not taking cover and healing quickly, you’ll find yourself dying often without ever being able to fight back. Also, make sure you have some sort of weapon or armor that’s going to help you survive early access – get whatever you can afford, but don’t skimp. You don’t want to be playing against people who can just mop up on you, especially if you get down below early access. If you can, invest in some high-tier weapons like the Hydra or Ionith. Try not to waste your money on low-tier weapons, though; you’ll want to get a couple of high-quality ones so that you can get off stronger opponents. And finally, have fun! Ark: Survival Evolved is an excellent simulation of the real-world challenges faced by the military. Its physics system, like that used in A Bug’s Life, means that you won’t get stuck on the ground indefinitely. However, this game still has a lot of adventure in store for you – just because you’ve survived a few minutes on the ground doesn’t mean you should stop being a survivor. Get out there and explore the environment to find resources and creatures to fight off the threats threatening your base.