How should one survive the long periods of no electricity during a period of winter without any form of heating? Mzansi shares load-shedding survival tips as power cuts continue to make life miserable for millions across the UK. But there is always something to be said for knowing how to adapt when times are difficult. As the cold weather takes its toll on everything from our clothes to the heating that we rely on, it is important to have certain skills and know-how on hand to ensure we can make the most of this time of year when things tend to get worse. Here we offer some tips to both keep safe and keep warm:

Turn off the lights – Most of us would be unprepared if there were a genuine power cut in the middle of the night. So it makes sense to have a back up plan just in case we need to rely on utilities during the dark. A battery operated lantern will provide light sufficient to help you find your way home. In the case of prolonged power cuts, keep warm by keeping light candles close to you as these can be powered by a battery. These candles are available at most stores and are cheap to buy.

Adjust thermostats to avoid rising temperatures – It is never pleasant to wake up in a cold sweat when you had hoped for a nice warm sleep. To combat the rising temperatures, a cool mist humidifier might be just the thing to help you. You can also keep a cloth bag with a few drops of water near your bed so that you don’t slide around in the night. And don’t forget your warm jacket!

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Take a walk – It is not uncommon for many people to become lethargic throughout the day. And even though it is unlikely that you will have lost your appetite, a short walk will help you feel more energised and alert. The temperature may start to rise but a quick jogging will keep your heart rate down and your blood sugar level stable. A quick stop at the local gym is another good way to stay fit.

Don’t forget to take lots of drinking water. Staying hydrated is very important during the day. If you tend to sip water from a bottle throughout the day, it is even more important before you head off for the night. A water bottle is an excellent choice because you can fill it up with cool or warm water as needed. This means that you don’t have to carry a large vat of water but can always rely on supplies lying right around the house.

Bring along some extra clothes and light covers – When the day starts to wear on, you will start to see that your clothes are becoming uncomfortably hot. That is why it is important to have some light, practical cover-ups in your gym bag or locker. Having a jacket, t-shirt and shorts should suffice, but bringing along some extra shirts and pants is also a good idea. It will provide a few layers of protection for your torso and you will be able to keep your extremities warm. Keep your socks on top of your shoes. Bring along a scarf and hat so that your hair can stay out of your face.

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Eat a healthy lunch – Mzansi recommends that you eat a protein-filled meal just before you begin exercising in the morning. Protein helps to build muscles and endurance and you will feel fuller longer during your workout. You should include complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads and cereals. Snacks in the mid-afternoon will provide the energy to keep going through the day. You should avoid eating large meals because they are likely to cause you to overeat at dinner.

Try not to let bad days get you down. When things get bad, you may try to read a book or watch a comedy on television. Reading about disasters and calamities in the world may also help to cheer you up. However, when things seem to be getting too bad, you can always reach for your MP3 player to help calm your nerves.

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