An emerging global health threat is SARS or Staphylococcus aureus. It is a disease that can be spread by direct contact with a person who has it, or by coming into contact with the sputum or blood of an infected person. Those who are exposed to the disease may become contagious through other people, as well. Before learning about the tips for business survival during this crisis, let’s examine what makes this disease so dangerous. The answer lies in understanding how the body’s immune system works.

As its name suggests, SARS is a highly contagious form of illness. In fact, it spreads by way of the nose, mouth and skin. When a person coughs or sneezes, their respiratory secretions move onto the tissue where they land. Thus, every time they do so, they leave tiny bite-sized openings in the skin, which the virus then takes up and burrows into. The worst thing about this disease is the speed at which it can spread. A case may be noticed within hours from the time the first symptoms occur, while others may be more difficult to detect.

There is no way to get around this particular issue, but there are ways to protect your business. First of all, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Are there many people who have SARS? Is it possible that other people may have come into contact with your employee’s pet? Is there a possibility that one of your customers or clients may have come in contact with your staff? Knowing what kind of public safety measures you need to take will help you protect your company from being hit by this epidemic as hard as others may be.

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If it is safe to travel, make sure you do so. That includes going to visits to see family and friends as well as arranging to see medical professionals in the area. Be aware of the countries where SARS is prevalent, as well. When traveling, make sure your passport is current. There’s no telling when SARS could strike in places that you’ve never been.

If you’re going to be away from home for any extended period of time, you’ll need to set up some protection. Tips for helping you protect yourself while you’re away include creating a crisis plan for your home in advance, getting an air purifier (for you as well as your family) and making contact with local health care providers. It’s also important to follow instructions on how to best handle different situations that arise, such as helping to provide treatment to sick people as well as cleaning up bodily fluids. You also need to know how to safely travel outside of your home country, as well.

Other suggestions for handling various situations that could lead to a Crisis Response Plan include creating a list of contacts (for both personal and business) that are closely related to you and your business. This list should also include names of your family members, colleagues and anyone else who may potentially have a major role in helping you in your Crisis Response Plan. Additionally, make a list of critical documents, travel information and prescription medication. These documents can all be critical for following your daily routine if a crisis were to occur.

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Finally, you need to stay organized. Even though it can seem like the worst case scenario, you don’t want to leave any valuable information at home or worse, in the hands of others. For example, you should be aware of all of your numbers and what each one is for so that you will know who calls which one. Similarly, you should keep copies of your travel itinerary and insurance policy so that you will be ready in the event that you might need them. Being organized helps you avoid forgetting anything important that could help you survive the time frame you’re facing.

While these tips for business survival during an emergency are a great place to start, it doesn’t mean that you should wait it out and hope that things get better. First of all, if there is ever a time that a crisis hits your company or your location, it’s never too late to plan ahead. The time to prepare is now. Get a list of the most critical resources and contact information, whether you have them on hand or not. Get organized. Remember that life isn’t over when you lose contact with loved ones but it could be just beginning.

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