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Theodore Roosevelt delivered a speech in 1907 on the value of wilderness, “the great American outdoors,” and its importance for democracy. The President’s ideas about the natural world are an important part of our nation’s environmental history.

Theodore Roosevelt was a strong advocate of conservationism. He used the power of his platform to speak out against hunting and poaching, which were seen as common practices at that time. In this speech he attempts to rally support for legislation protecting wildlife in America.

The “theodore roosevelt famous speech” is a speech that Theodore Roosevelt delivered on October 27, 1901. In the speech, he discusses the need for conservation of natural resources and the importance of preserving land to protect wildlife.

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From a speech given in San Bernardino, California 7th of May, 1903 Roosevelt, Theodore

Any patent equipment will not help you win a huge battle. In a moment of extreme difficulty, there is no way to turn your hand and conquer. You must conquer in the same way that your predecessors and grandfathers did before you. You must overcome as strong men have conquered throughout history, drawing on whatever reserves of bravery, resolve, hardihood, and iron will you have at your disposal, and you can only conquer if you call on those traits.

Another thing which you will remember very well, from ’61 to ’65, what my comrades here, the men who went into the great war and the men who went into the Spanish War or went to the Philippines will remember also, that there was a certain proportion of men who joined your ranks who for one reason or another fell by the wayside. There were several causes for this, including those for whom one just felt sympathy, as they lacked the energy to endure the hard task, which was really hard work. There was difficulties in the smaller conflict that did not exist in the larger battle, since there was not enough to go around. The guy who wanted to be a hero right away but didn’t want to complete the other job would show up, among others. I recall a young man joining my unit and telling me on the second day, “Colonel, I came down here to fight for my country, and they’re treating me like a serf and forcing me to dig kitchen sinks.” His Captain, a huge guy from New Mexico, stated to him that he would immediately begin digging kitchen sinks; that this was his current job, and that if he dug them well, we will take care of the hero issue afterwards. In those days, the guy who performed well in the army was usually the one who did not wait until something great happened to do well, but who fulfilled his job as soon as it came, throughout the long marches, during the long months of waiting in camp, and during the combat. He was the one you could count on, the man you could trust, the man you wanted in your troop, as your bunky, whatever it was, he was the man you wanted around.

The same is true in terms of citizenship. It was the same way back in the days of the pioneers. The pioneers, both men and women, faced much the same difficulties as the Grand Army men, and for you, the men of that generation, and your wives, there was the same hardship, the same endurance of grinding toil, the same years of effort that too often seemed fruitless, the same iron will, and the same ultimate triumph, and if we are to succeed, we must show the same qualities that the Grand Army men, the pioneers, and all men and women have sho


I would implore my compatriots to demonstrate not unique brilliance or genius, but the regular boring mundane attributes that, in the aggregate, indicate success for the nation and individual achievement. Remember that the opportunity to conduct great heroic deed may or may not present itself. If it does not arrive, all we have to show for it is our diligent fulfillment of day-to-day duties. That is all most of us have the opportunity to do in our lives, and it is enough because it is the beginning, because it means the most to the Nation when done, and if the time for heroism comes, you can be sure that those who show it will be the people who have done their duty in average times as the occasion for doing the duty arose.



“Theodore Roosevelt Speech, 1912” is a speech that was given by Theodore Roosevelt. The speech was given in the year of 1912. Reference: theodore roosevelt speech 1912.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Theodore Roosevelts famous speech?

A: I am afraid that I cannot answer your question as it is too difficult.

What did Theodore Roosevelt say when shot?

A: Its nothing, it doesnt hurt much.

What is Roosevelts famous quote?

A: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

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