The Year of Automated PPC: 3 Survival Tips For Beginners. This is the first in a series of articles on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, as defined by Google is the process of increasing traffic to a website by utilizing keywords. This means using “high-quality” search terms. It is a highly competitive arena, so you must be sure you have all the tricks up your sleeve for optimizing your page.

Keyword research tools are an integral part of any SEO campaign. Make sure your keywords are highly searched for by using Google keyword planner. In this, enter the search term and view the number of results per month. You will quickly see which keywords will bring in the most traffic.

The next step is to find a list of keywords you want to target. Use free tools like Overture or Google Keyword Intelligence to generate a list of keywords. Note that the longer the list, the better. The length of the list will be dependent on how many articles you intend to write and how much time you have to spend on article writing.

As you list the keywords, enter a description of each keyword. Note that the longer the keyword, the more descriptive the description should be. This means that in general a longer keyword will be preferred over a shorter one but this will vary depending on the niche and the competition. This may sound obvious but do keep in mind that if your article is highly trafficked, you will not have much time to write a good description. Write it down anyway.

Next, set the primary and secondary tags on the page. If possible create a new page that will display the primary and secondary tags. This will help you with search engine rankings. Make sure that the keywords are properly capitalized. Your web copy will need to follow this tag style throughout your entire campaign.

Lastly, place the keywords that you have tested on Google into the meta description of your website. This gives your campaign a live link to the page. Note that you should only use highly searched keywords in the meta description. This can limit the amount of traffic you get to your site.

Now, it’s time to create your promotional ads. Again, you can use any software that will let you create a campaign for free. However, I find it easier to create my campaigns using AdWords. The Google platform makes it simple to create a campaign once. All you have to do is select a template, fill in the information and then start generating traffic.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money online. However, these three are by far the easiest and most profitable. If you do not know how to use Google AdWords effectively, I would suggest that you learn to do so. You can find out how to make money online by following this same path as I did. With enough experience, you can become an excellent PPC marketer and set yourself above the rest.

You see, making money on the internet requires constant learning. So, it will take time for you to become proficient at using the tools available to you. However, if you want to know how to make money on the year of automated PC, this is how you do it. I started out doing this full time and now earn a full-time living from my home.

I first heard about AdWords in a technical book about network marketing. I figured there was nothing more complicated than buying a product on the internet and promoting it. After reading the book, I started to think about how I could use Google AdWords to make money. This is when I started reading articles by online marketers and found out about keyword research and placement. The more I read, the more I understood how to make money with AdWords.

I started my job at an ad agency, but soon got bored with it. My wife encouraged me to start researching ways to automate my computer so that I could work from home. This way, I wouldn’t have to get up every morning and go to an office. I started researching keywords to place on my website and realized that AdWords is the most profitable tool I can use to make money.

I decided to purchase a program that would let me track the money I earned from AdWords. With this software, I could easily keep track of my clicks, which products are converting and which ones are not. Then, I found out about keyword software that will tell you which keywords to use in your campaigns. It takes a lot of work to learn the art of using AdWords to bring in a consistent income, but if you’re determined, you can master this skill and make money the year of automated PC.

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